Atwell Reserve Playground

Ropes Playground * Toddler Playground * Drink Fountain * Large Football Oval * Cricket Nets

The Atwell Reserve Playground features ropes equipment perfect for challenging the bigger kids strength, balance and coordination.  There is also a smaller playground for toddlers, so there is something for all ages.

The ropes part of this playground is amazing - my 8 yo was really challenged by some of the features so its a good park to keep the older kids active.

No easy step access to the slide, kids must climb the ropes tunnel to get to the slide

Great little toddler playground too

No shortage of swings either with this 5 way swing set up. Seats are hard, wide rubber so you can sit and swing or stand and swing

This playground is located on the huge Atwell Reserve so there are cricket nets and football goals near the playground and plenty of green grass to run around on.  There is also a water fountain near the playground but the toilets are usually locked unless there is a sporting event on.

How to Get There: Brenchley Drive, Atwell

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