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Carawatha Park Willagee

Water Play Feature * Basketball Half Court * Mini Skate Park * Naturebased Play * Sand Play Feature * Footy Goals & Oval * Exercise Stations * Picnic Shelters * BBQs * Water Fountains * Toilets * Deli Across the Road * Recommended for 2yrs +

Carawatha Park Willagee is a playground that seriously has it all, not just for kids but it's fun for adults too! While it's mostly suited to kids 2 years+, there is something for everyone and it's a beautiful park for all ages to explore, enjoy and be active.

Carawatha Park, the lastest new park edition by the City of Melville. It used to be an old primary school site, and they have done a great job of retaining the natural shade. This park has been designed for kids to enjoy nature based play and for families to integrate play and being active together. 

There's a mini skate park - great for little ones not confident to use a full skate park with the bigger kids

A half court basketball court

A small football oval with goals and exercise stations around it

A focus on nature based play

And water play so you can enjoy a play even on a hot day.. don't forget to bring those spare clothes along! 

And the old favourites of course too this wide and fast slide, and there is a bird nest swing here too

While we recommend this park for 2 years +, there is something for all ages with the water play and sand play features for younger children.  If you have kids under 2 you may just have to assist them with other areas of the park that they want to explore, but that is what this park has been designed to do - give parents the option to be active with their kids together.

They have even planted fruit trees, so soon you'll also be able to pick some fruit to take home - they really have thought of everything with this park.There are bbq and toilet facitilies and large picnic shelters so this is a great spot for a birthday party, family gathering or catching up with friends. During the day there is a deli across the road if you want to get yourself an icecream, drink or something else to eat.

What to Bring: Football, basketball, scooter, skateboard, spare change of clothes (for water play feature)

How to Get There: 

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