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City Summit Rock Climbing Perth

Rock Climbing Perth is a great way for families to get active and have some fun together! City Summit in Malaga, is approx. 11km north east of Perth, conveniently located just off the Tonkin Hwy.

* Rock Climbing * Fully Catered Café  * Birthday Parties * Corporate Functions * Lockers available * Airconditioning to be installed ~ March 13

If you or your kids have never rock climbed before you don’t have to worry, each group is given instructions and details of safety precautions before commencing their rock climbing session, and the belaying technique (that’s the pulling of the ropes) is easy to pick up after a few turns under the guidance of your friendly and helpful instructor.

The City Summit Rock Climbing Gym is also completely located indoors - so it's a fun thing to do with kids all year round! 

Keep in mind that children must be 5 years + to rock climb, and for children under 12 years an adult must be present to belay.  Also children under 18, will need a parent or guardian to sign the Liability Waiver form. 

So if you go as a family and you all want to have a turn, make sure there are at least 2 adults that can share the belaying duty.  Even if you only have one belayer it’s still a lot of fun, don’t think that you get out of doing a bit of work being the belayer, it is pretty hard work!

So once you’ve received your instruction you are all ready to go! The instructor will tell you about the different levels available and how to determine what level each climb is, and make recommendations based on your skills and experience.  Climbs are designed for the beginner right up to the advanced climber so there is a climb for everyone.

Wall rock climbing and bouldering (bouldering is like wall climbing except the climbs aren’t quite as high, there is a large padded mat at the bottom and a harness is not worn) is great for testing young ones strength as well as challenging their mental abilities as they have to figure out the best path whilst maintaining a grip on the wall.

There are also rope and ladder climbs at City Summit Perth Rock Climbing which my son loved!

These are great as they mostly require strength, not too much thinking – so they are great fun in between wall climbs and bouldering.

What makes City Summit Rock Climbing Perth unique is the fully catered café, with a great range of healthy food options, including a delicious range of freshly squeezed juices.  The café is located above the gym, and from here you can walk out onto the mezzanine floor which overlooks the gym and enjoy your meal, coffee or a cool drink.  There is also a couple of vending machines with cool drinks and quick snacks.

The mezzanine floor is great for having a little rest and some refreshments while watching other climbers at the same time – before heading back out for round 2!

 ...enjoy a healthy meal or freshly made juice in the cafe or overlooking the gym, for that much need rock climbing energy boost....

City Summit Indoor Climbing Centre Perth also makes a great location for your child’s birthday party! You can find prices for parties on the website, and you can also ask about having the party catered by the café also.

If you haven’t been Rock Climbing in Perth yet you must give it a go! It’s a great way for families to be active together and it’s a wonderful way for families to bond – as encouragement, support and praise are key to a successful rock climbing session.  They have discounted rates for younger children – you can find all the pricing info on the website.

Age Recommendation: minimum age for climbing is 5 years


How to Get There: Harris Rd Malaga - take the Alexander Drive exit off the Tonkin Hwy

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