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Flinders Cafe Hillarys

* Free WIFI * Highchairs * Water Fountain * Fully Pram Accessible (Lift to 2nd floor available) * Parents Room * Indoor and Outdoor Dining * Aquariums

Located within the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre Fisheries building, Flinders Cafe (Flinders Coffee Shop) to the North of Hillarys Boat Harbour Perth, is a great place to have a coffee and light meal with the kids - they'll love looking at all the aquariums just outside the cafe area

Play a giant game of eels and seaweed (like snakes and ladders) complete with giant dice. There's little educational notes along the way too (the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre Interactive Area has recently closed so not sure if this game is still there?)

The kids will love the aquariums, not just fish, there are crayfish, turtles, octopus and more. And you can see the scientists and work - as well as all the aquaculture equipment

The Flinders Cafe features great indoor dining with a few little comfy lounges and other small cafe style tables as well as outdoor seating in a large enclosed courtyard. This makes Flinders Cafe great for summer and winter.

So whether its a catch up with friends, or an outing with the grand kids, everyone will love Flinders Cafe in the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre. 

You can find the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre Fisheries Building on the far north side, of the northern Hillarys Boat Harbour carpark.

Note: the Fisheries building is only open Monday - Friday 10-4pm.  To access the cafe outside of these hours you will need to use the entrance on Northside Drive, and access to the aquariums is not available outside of the Fisheries opening hours.

How to Get There: 

Posted by Lauren, 25th July 2012, in Family Friendly Cafes & Free Things To Do

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