Welcome to Get Active August 2013!  Get Active August is all about helping parents and kids to find fun ways to get more active - with a focus on being active together!  It's not always easy in our busy lives to find the time to be active, so this month you will see how you can be more active during your day-to-day family activities

Make sure you have liked us on facebook and added us to your interests list (click the small wheel next to the message button on the kids-around-perth.com facebook page to select) and follow my challenge to get active with my kids in a fun and different way for 15-30 mins each day!

You will also find out about heaps of awesome Perth activities available to parents, kids & families to get active! 

So get into some comfortable clothing, pop on your sneakers and get ready to get active with us this Get Active August! 

"Don't make kids an excuse not to be active, make them the reason to be active!" - Lauren, kids-around-perth.com

Get Active August Meetup! Jackadder Lake Reserve, August 18th, 2013

Bring a ball, skipping rope, hula hoop, frisbee or anything to get active with other families at this Get Active Meet Up.  Places are limited - so register your interest below and we will send you an invitation.

Where: Jackadder Lake Reserve, Woodlands

Date: Sunday 18th August, 2013

Time: 2-4pm



Rain was threatening, so we drove to school, but got there a little bit early to play some footy!  You could also bring a soccer ball, a basketball or just go for a couple of laps around the oval together!

It's a great way to get your child awake and alert and ready to take on the day!

The Mums With Bubs Fitness Difference

At Mums With Bubs Fitness, our aim is to empower, educate and encourage mothers of all fitness backgrounds to live healthier, happier lives.  We assist mums-to-be remain healthy, active and fit throughout pregnancy, and help new mums to regain confidence in their body while connecting with their baby!

Being physically active relieves stress, contributes to mental strength and releases endorphins to your body and mind, creating a happier, healthier you!

So join us, and help yourself in creating a fantastic bonding experience that achieves great results for you and is fun for your baby too!

Sessions offered daily right across Perth, please see our website for all locations and times!



6 Tips to turn your next playground visit into a mini work out! 

  • Swing lift, hold baby/child in swing above your head (warning: may induce uncontrollable giggling!) Also ensure you have a firm hold of baby/child under the arm pits
  • do some tricep dips using the park bench seat
  • use steps on and around the playground to some step ups
  • walk or run in the sand around the playground
  • do some chin ups using the monkey bars
  • use your hand or foot to press down on the other side of the see-saw


Swan Canning Riverpark

Walk over the bridge

Walk down the jetty

Jog along the shore while the kids have a splash

Swan Canning Riverpark Review!


Playing ball (for about an hour) after lunch at Elmars in the Swan Valley - on the massive grassed area!


Pole Playgroup session with Vertical Vixens Pole Fitness! My son played in the toy room then had a little turn pretending to be a fireman at the end.


Kindergym at West Coast Gymnasts, Malaga.  Parents are very much required to get involved with stretches and light warm up exercises then assisting kids around the circuit and chasing them across the trampoline


A couple of warm up laps of the school oval and some footy bounce practice before school


  • Use your old laddered stockings and fill one leg with an orange (or tennis ball) and get another tennis ball or orange to hit with the one in the stocking
  • Tie the stocking around your waist, for kids its easiest if you have it as low to the ground as possible - for adults sit it higher it gives you a great leg work out
  • Take turns and see how many hits it takes to get the ball or orange back and forth to your markers (if you don't have a long hall way set markers up in a circle)
  • Time each player to see if they can beat their best time
  • Have a race! 
  • These games can be played inside or outside, and are not only great fun they are great for co-ordination, moving the hips and working those legs!

Get Fit, Get Foxy, Get Pole Fit - with Vertical Vixens!

Vertical Vixens specialises in private personal trainer style pole classes.  

They are fitness based to get you into shape by learning acrobatic pole tricks, strength building using the pole and flexibility training to stretch all those new muscles that you thought you never had.

Trouble getting a baby sitter? Then organise a Pole Playgroup!

The studio is child friendly, and there is even a games room just for your little one.

Pole Parties & Gift Vouchers also available!


Physio-designed multi-sport activities teach preschoolers the fundamentals of 10 different sports and develop and enhance gross and fine motor skills in a fun, social, non-competitive and supportive environment

Parental involvement is also welcomed at Ready Steady Go Kids ! 

  • Term classes for pre-schoolers aged 2.5 - 6 yrs
  • 45 min classes with 5 sports covered in each term
  • Currently available Carine, Darch, Karrinyup & Currambine

They also do kids parties and events! 



Kids will love the game of memory with an active difference! And it's a great game for adults and kids to play together!

  • Place small items under cones (you can vary the number to make it easier or harder based on your childs age)
  • The player must then find the items in a certain order - but they must run to a marker in between each look under the cone (you can use plastic cups or bowls also)
  • If the player reveals an item that isn't next to be revealed they must put it back, remember where it is, then take a run and check another cone until all items are found in order
  • If you don't have a long hallway you can also play this game in a circle with the items on the outside and run to the middle after looking under each cone
  • The ultimate challenge is to find the items in order first time! 
  • This is a great game to play while you are making dinner - let the kids hide the items so you can have a turn to in between turning steaks - or if you are not busy do star jumps or jog on the spot until it is your turn - the kids will love hiding the items from you and seeing how good your memory is.
  • You can also test you childs knowledge of the alphabet and get them to find the items in alphabetical order and then in reverse alphabetical order.


DAY 10

Walk & ride around the lake, exercise stations and a play at Jackader Lake Reserve Woodlands

DAY 11

Hitting the tennis ball against the wall over and over again! 


Went along to the women's morning Basketball competition at Warwick Leisure Centre to join a team - creche available for 1 hour for only $2.50!

Why not check out your local leisure centre to see what midweek day team sports they have to offer?!


Walk to School! 


Up early basketball before school, a walk to school and some footy when we got there... looking forward to getting up and doing more as it gets brighter earlier!


DAY  15

Hula Hoops

7 Fun Hula Hoop Games

DAY 16

Family Game of Twister

A Jump Star trampoline is gift that will last for your child's whole childhood!

A Jumpstar trampoline is a great way for the family to get active and have fun together and has the following features and benefits:

  • Highest quality PVC (Max UV resistance) Nets & Mats
  • Three year structural warrantly on galvanised steel frames
  • Replacement enclosures, foam, padding & mat available
  • Perth Kenwick pickup available or choose affordable delivery
  • Round & rectangular trampolines available
  • Great affordable prices
  • Trampoline Basketball board & ring and tents coming soon! 



Always keep a ball in the car! We visited family in Shoalwater Bay today so we had a kick of the ball before lunch, the kids loved the soccer goals at the local park!


GET ACTIVE AUGUST MEETUP Jackadder Lake Woodlands!

Mums In Action is a Quinns Rocks based fitness provider. Providing safe and rewarding Pregnancy and Postnatal exercise for both Mum and Baby.

“It is simply the best exercise for Mums – it’s fun, and you’ll feel great!”


Champions Gym (Highgate) is a specialised mixed martial arts training centre focused on helping people Get Fit Faster™, as well as developing strength, confidence, stamina, self-discipline, health and vitality.

There are many different class options with something for Dad, Mum and the kids! 

Boxing | Jui-Jitsu | Kids Muay Thai | Ladies Kick Fitness | Personal Training | Mixed Martial Arts | Adult Muay Thai

Child minding also available at 9.30am Ladies Kick Fitness Session


Smiley Soccer brings kids together to have fun and reach their goals using the magic of soccer! 

Smiley Soccer offers -

  • Term programs for Kindy to Yr 7
  • School Holiday programs for from age 5 
  • Inflatable Arena hire for birthday parties, events, youth programmes etc

Kids and adults will love having a game of soccer in the giant inflatable soccer arena and ball.  For more program information and party bookings go to -


Played ladies basketball at Warwick Leisure Centre while my son enjoyed climbing around in the creche for only $2.50


DAY 20

A beautiful sunny day - we got out the Smart Trike and walked to and from playgroup!

DAY 21

Another amazing sunny day! Got the bikes out, pumped up the tyres and rode to school.  Took the long way home - beautiful! 


An afternoon walk along the beach at Mettams Pool, North Beach

We walked and looked for shells, and explored the rocks and rock pools for crabs and other creatures.  Great after school spring or summer activity! 


Friday Night is now Family Wii Fit night in our house!

If you don't have a Wii console and Wii Fit why not hire it from your local Video store and give it a go! 

Rock climbing at City Summit Malaga is a great activity and low impact exercise for parents and kids 5 yrs +!

Learn a new skill together and you will not only have a heap of fun but you will also build trust and self confidence while you work as a team to ascend the walls.

Contrary to popular belief, climbing does not require a lot of upper body strength which means that less athletic kids will often shine. Rock climbing is a great activity for your child to develop problem solving skills, focus and confidence as they climb to new heights. It also improves muscular endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance while they are having loads of fun. 

So book a session for you and your family today at -


Rock-Pop Music Classes for Your Pre-schooler

Interactive, Educational, Fun & Live

Introduce your pre-schooler to the joys of popular music with the exciting new Rock ‘n’ Toddle Program and give them the opportunity to develop gross and fine motor skills, literacy & numeracy skills as well as provide important foundations to drama, dancing, music and movement. 

Rock ‘n’ Toddle classes are fun as they provide:       

  • Themed shows and activities.    
  •  Interactive live performances using a professional performer, props, puppets, and instrument play.   Parent/child bonding opportunities        
  • Popular cover and original songs so it’s never boring     
  •  9 great locations- South Perth, Bullsbrook, Padbury, Wanneroo, Ellenbrook, Maylands, Nedlands, Cannington and Leederville.      
  •  All sessions are 40 minutes in duration.    
  • Cost $129 per term (or part there-of). 20% Discount for siblings. 

Enrol online now for term 3 at www.rockntoddle.com.au


Chasing the kids around Pitstop Playground! I had a few turns at pulling up the hill using the ropes and ran around behind my 3 yo as he zoomed around the track!  We also enjoyed a short walk down to the lake.  See our review of Pitstop Playground Banskisa Grove here


It was raining outside so we got out the BALLOONS!  We played - 

  • Balloon Volleyball hitting it to each other - whoever dropped it gave the other player one point... first to 10 wins
  • Keeping the balloon in the air using only our feet - keep trying to see if you can beat your personal best
  • Keep two balloons in the air, but you must hit one then the other, you can't hit the one balloon twice
  • See  how many times you can hit it with your head only - try and beat your personal best

Here is a great website with some more balloon games - also great for birthday party games! http://voices.yahoo.com/fun-balloon-games-all-ages-3249139.html


Outdoor Exercise Circuit!

Mini trampoline, cones, skipping ropes, hula hoops....

We turned up the music and the kids got creative and made up some games with the items we had outside!


Confession Time! I love some of the Hi5 songs!  It's fun to turn on a kids song and dance program and sing and dance together! 

West Coast Gymnastics, Malaga & Ellenbrook caters for all ages through to adults.  We pride ourselves in producing high standards of professional coaching in a safe, caring environment with fully accredited coaches.

Programs include:

  • Acrobatics (5yo - Adult)
  • Kindergym (18m-5yrs)
  • Gymnastics (4yrs+, 8 yrs+)
  • Tumbling
  • Cheer Stunt (10yrs +)
  • Adult Gymnastics and Fitness
  • Men & Womens Squads
  • School Services
  • Home School Group Bookings
  • School Holiday Programs
  • Gymnastics Birthday Parties

For more info go to www.westcoastgym.org


Kids climbing the walls at home? Take them on a nature walk in your neighbourhood!

Take a container and collect items along the way to make a collage when you get home

Or give them a camera and get them to take photos of things in as many colours as they can find!

Thanks to Mums WIth Bubs Fitness for the idea! 


Climb DNA Tower Kings Park and find a Geocache

Not sure what Geocaching is? It's a nature treasure  hunt you can play anywhere in the world.. find out more about Geocaching here!

You may also like to walk to DNA tower from Synergy Parkland.  The walk is about 45-1hr and the track is suitable for a jogger pram.


Skipping is fun, cheap, easy to do at home, easy to do with the kids - so there are no excuses! 

We got the kids skipping ropes for $1 and adults skipping ropes for $3 from Kmart.

Did you know that skipping can give the same health benefits as a 45min run

Find other reasons to take up skipping here!


New Flying Fox Playground at Amberton Estate, Eglington

Have a go - or run alongside littler ones!

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