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Hyde Park Perth Free Water Playground

* Toilets * BBQ's * Gazebos * Baby Change Table * Disabled Toilets * Free Parking in street * Runs Nov - Aprl

This amazing waterpark at Hyde Park Perth, is completely free and is found in the beautiful park, located close to Perth City in North Perth. The kids will love the water playground with cannons, sprays and buckets that fill up with water and tip out their contents! It's a great way for parents and kids to play together - for crawlers and younger children they may also enjoy filling up, and emptying buckets and containers so bring them along.

If you get there and it's not running - don't worry it may just be that you need to press the  very well camoflagued button on top of the green post - pictured below.  You'll need to press the button again every 10 minutes or so - but you know how kids love buttons they are all lining up to have a go!  The playground can often be closed for maintenance so if you are planning to travel a long way a call to the City of Vincent first may be a good idea to make sure its running.

This Perth waterpark is well located under large shady trees, but the playground still gets plenty of sun too! It is pretty much in full sun in the middle of the day. There is lots of grassed area and a couple of gazebos around the water playground so you can relax and watch the kids - or get wet and join in!  They have just installed a bbq and large gazebo with a few tables and chairs right alongside the playground. There are more barbeques near the  Hyde Park Playground also, which is about 150m away from the water playground

The Hyde Park Perth Water Playground is a must visit in summer, there is a wonderful playground within the park also the kids will love - for more information see our review of the Hyde Park Playground.

There is plenty of free parking around the perimeter of Hyde Park - it may be a little challenging on a busy day, and you may have to park a little bit away from the water playground.

Safety Considerations: the water playground is not shaded so ensure you make sure kids are wearing sun protection | there is a lot of chlorine in the water - if your child's eyes are sensitive to chlorine you may want to bring goggles along

What to Bring: bathers/spare clothes | towels | hats | sun protection | picnic rug | picnic lunch | water containers | scooters & bikes

How to Get ThereVincent St, North Perth or catch bus 354 from Wellington St Bus Station

Want a information and a map to take you to Hyde Park Water Playground while you are on the go?! Then get the Kids Around Perth App today and find it under Water Play.

Posted by Lauren, 14th January 2013, reviewed November 2nd, 2013

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