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Kids ID Wristbands

Kids ID Wristbands are a must have, when heading out to a crowded public event or place with young children.

Young children may not know their parents phone number or be able to understand or remember instructions you give them in the unfortunate event that you are seperated.

Kids ID Wristbands by Kids Around Perth allow you to write your phone number and your meeting place on a single use wristband, simply using an ordinary ball point or felt tip pen.  They are comfortable to wear, yet difficult for the child to remove.

We have included room to write your meeting place - as we all know mobile phones have a tendency to go flat or malfunction when we need them the most, so this gives you a back up plan in the event you are separated to ensure you are reunited quickly

A Kids Around Wristband displays your phone number and your meeting place, giving you peace of mind in the event you are separated!

Remember kids are best kept safe through close adult supervision - but we all know kids are curious in nature and love to wander off, parents do their best but can be distracted particularly when supervising several children and in the blink of an eye you can lose sight of them!

A Kids Around Perth ID Wristband gives you peace of mind that you have done everything you can to ensure they are safely returned to you in the event you are separated!

And don't forget to take your Kids Around Perth Kids ID Wristbands on holidays with you too! Being separated from you child is distressing - being separated in a foreign country is even more distressing!

Also great for kids birthday parties! Are you having a bouncy castle or other entertainment at the park and want to restrict use to just party guests, or are you taking a group of children to the movies or mini golf - a Kids Around Perth Kids ID Wristband means that you can keep track of your party guests, and ensure you find them safe and fast in the event they are separated from the group! 

Kids Around Perth ID Wristbands and only $8.95 for a pack of 10 and are available in aqua, purple or a mix of both! Postage Australia Wide is FREE! 


  • single use
  • comfortable but difficult for child to remove
  • fully adjustable, so can be used by anyone in the family including adults and teenagers
  • easy surface to write on using ball point or fine point felt pen
  • comes in resealable cellophane bag for convenient storage in your hand bag or nappy bag
  • perfect for events, busy public places and travel
  • available in packs of 10
  • available in all purple, all aqua or a mix of 5 aqua/5purple
  • free postage




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