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Lights in the Heights

December 15th - 23rd 2016

Free Event (Free Tickets Required) * Christmas Lights * Christmas Trees * Santa * Short Family Movie * Bouncy Castle * Kids Craft * Coffee 

Lights in the Heights at C3 Church Padbury (Hepburn Heights) if a fabulous free event for the general public and runs every night a couple of weeks before Christmas. This year, 2016, it's still free, but you must book your tickets online (see website link below). The below review is from previous years. We have booked to go the first night so we will update the review after our visit.

Don't be put off by this event being held in a church, it's really just a fun interactive display of all things Christmas. There is a display of the biblical Christmas story as you enter, but other than that this is a low key, fun, free event that the whole family will love. 

When you enter the church car park there are several attendants that direct you to parking. This event is so well staffed and managed, there is someone at each exhibit and activity to make sure that it all runs smoothly. The venue is also very big so even though there were lots of people there is plenty of room to move around.

We first enjoyed the Christmas Tree Wonderland. Here there are lots and lots of theme decorated trees.  You'll find a Frozen tree, an Octonauts tree, a sock tree. a Disney tree and lots more. 

Next we chose some props and had our photo with Santa in his big sleigh. You can choose from glasses, reindeer antlers, a tie and more! 

Then it was onto Funville for some Bouncy Castle and basketball arcade game fun.  There is a great lounge set up here if you need to feed baby or if you want to enjoy a coffee (free for parents from the cafe)

You can also enjoy some craft at Santa's Workshop.  Kids can colouring-in or make your own mini Christmas Tree.

Don't miss the short family movie too, the kids will love it.  This is a top class auditorium with amazing sound and lighting.  There is a great clip while you wait for the movie and you and your kids can groove to the Santa Shuffle while you wait for the family short film to start.

The short film is essentially about the importance of LOVE at Christmas time and features some latest hits like Uptown Funk and Shake It Off and of course Everything is Awesome from Lego Movie. Even if it's a bit old for younger children they will love the music and flashing lights and all the room there is to run around inside.

And on the way out the kids got a candy cane and a stamp.  This truly is an amazing event generously put on by the C3 Church.  It is so well organised and managed you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time and enjoy a magical Christmas experience.

Make sure you eat before you go there is no food available for sale (unless indicated on their facebook). Coffee is available free for the parents however.  Remember this year, 2016, you must book your FREE tickets online to enter (link below)

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Want to visit some Christmas lights in Padbury or surrounding suburbs on your way home? Then get the Kids Around Perth App and search for Christmas lights nearby after you leave the show!

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 15th December 2014. Updated 2nd November 2016

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