Best Perth Playgrounds

There's nothing better than a visit to one of Perth's playgrounds and parks on a glorious sunny Perth day. Perth has so many wonderful playgrounds with lots of different features to get the kids outside and active.

We'll check out the best of the best of Perth's playgrounds and let you know all about them - so you can plan an awesome day in the sun with the family.

Check out these great playgrounds, and make sure you let us know about your favourite Perth or WA playground by going to the completing the form at the bottom of the page.

North of the River

Flying Fox Playground Amberton Estate - Eglinton (sth of Yanchep)

New playground still under construction by developer - with huge 50m flying fox! 

Play Equipment | Flying Fox | Large Grassed Area | No Toilets

Escarpment Park Alkimos

Feels like this park is based on a story book theme, a spread out, colourful park that kids will love to explore!

Playground | BBQ's | Picnic Shelters | Water Fountains | Footpaths | Limited Parking | No Toilets | Recommended for 2yrs+

Rosslare Park Mindarie

Small fully fenced playground at a beautiful picnic and swimming spot at the north end of the Mindarie Marina

Fully Fenced Playground | Picnic Tables | Toilets | Carpark

Pitstop Playground Banksia Grove

Race track playground with climbing frames and big slides for the little adventurer.

Playground | Race Track | BBQs | Picnic Shelters | Footpaths | No toilets | Limited parking

Wanneroo Rotary Park

More than you expect at this is a massive adventure playground!

Playground | Toilets | Footpaths | BBQs | Picnic Shelters

Neil Hawkins Park Joondalup

Nature at its best, great toddler playground

Toddler Playground | Picnic Shelters | BBQs | Bush walks

Joondalup Square Play Area

Full Fenced Toddler Playground | Seonsory Play | Cafes/Restaurants/Takeaway Nearby | Toilets (nearby) | Seating | Free Parking

Mirror Park Ocean Reef

Cute little playground, right next to this great skate and bmx park - so it's a great place to go if you have big and little kids! 

Playground | Skate Park | Toilets | Footpaths

Mullaloo Pirate Ship Playground

Adorable little pirate ship playground located on the Mullaloo Beach foreshore - great for little climbers

Playground | BBQs  | Picnic Shelters | Water Fountain | Toilets

Rannoch Tay Reserve Hamersley

Fantastic little hidden nature based playground - located in quiet bushland

Nature based play | BBQ | Picnic Shelter | Water fountain | Large Grassed Area | Playground

Mawson Park Hillarys

Massive playground set in a beautiful park with a small lake. Great place for a catch up with friends or for a special family occasion.

Playground | Sensory Play | Climbing Frames | BBQ | Small Lake | Grassed Area | Footpaths | Basketball Hoop | Toilets | Picnic Shelters

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Great playground right on the water's edge 

Playground | Toilets nearby | Cafe | Shaded in summer | Showers | Dinosaur Sighting | Pontoon

Carine Open Space

Playground | Toilets | BBQ | Picnic Shelters | Footpaths | Water Fountain | Shops Nearby

Watermans Bay

Beautifully fully fenced playground right near great swimming area.

Fully fenced playground | Shaded in summer | BBQ | Shower | Water Fountain | No toilets (5 mins walk) | Parking limited

Stirling Civic Gardens

Huge playground, surrounded by beautiful gardens, with a great little lake for tadpoling

Playground | Picnic Shelters | Toilets | BBQs | Small Lake | Footpaths | Close to Train Station | Lots of free parking

Millet "Spiderman" Park Innaloo

Also know as "Spiderman Park" - massive climbing frame and nature play area the kids will love!

Toddler Playground | Climbing Frame | Nature Play | Toilets | Exercise Stations | Large Grassed Area

Jackadder Lake Reserve Woodlands 

Take in a walk around the lake then have a play on the huge playground!

Playground | Toddler Playground | Footpath Around Lake | Cafe Nearby | Water Fountain | Toilets | Large Shelter | Picnic Shelters | BBQs

Herdsman Lake Osborne Park

Great little playground just off Jon Sanders Drive alongside Herdsman Lake

Playground | Bushwalks | No toilets | Large Lake

Perry Lakes Reserve Ropes Challenge Playground

Challenge their balancing, swinging and coordinator skills at this fantastic ropes challenge park!

Ropes Playground | Swing | Nature Play | Seating | Water Fountain | Short Lake Walk | Cycle Path | Recommended for Kids 3yrs+

Riverside Gardens Bayswater

Fully fenced playground located in the beautiful Riverside Gardens in Bayswater

Fully Fenced Playground | Toilets | BBQs

Macaulay Park Inglewood

This is a great park, if you are looking for a different playground experience. Great features for big and little kids

Playground | Toddler Playground | BBQs | Drink Fountain

Yokine Playground 

Nature play, musical instruments, climbing features, your kids will love this huge playground

Fully Fenced, Double Gated Playground | Toilets | Water Play Feature | Nature Play | Sensory Play | Lots of Parking | Large Grassed Area

Dianella Playspace 

Great playground for the little adventurer with climbing area made from blocks, a cave, nature play, water feature and unique balancing & swinging play equipment.  Multi sports court next to the playground too! 

Playground | Nature Play | Water Play | Multi Sports Court | Toilets | BBQ's | Picnic Shelters | Water Fountain | Large Grassed Area | Cycle/Foot Paths | Recommended for Kids 12months+

Bob Thompson Reserve Noranda

Delightful little playground with fully fenced toddler area and little adventurers can search for a t-rex dinosaur skeleton in the sand

Playground | Toddler Playground | Dinosaur Sighting | Toilets | Large Grassed Area | Water Fountain | BBQs

Kyilla Park North Perth

This park is like going to 4 different playgrounds in 1! It has 4 seperate sections with lots of different play equipment to suit kids of all ages

Playground | Large Grassed Area | Toilets | Shelter | Drink Fountain | Basketball Ring | Cricket Nets

Mueller Playground (Kitchener Park) Subiaco 

Water feature, fully fenced toddler playground, kids will love the long ramp that winds around a huge tree, to get to the slides

Fully Fenced Playground | Sensory Play | Water Play Feature | BBQ's | Toilets 

Oxford Street Play Space

Nature and sensory play focused, fully fenced playground right next to fantastic cafe and just a walk from the Leederville Train Station.

Nature Play | Sensory Play | Fully Fenced | Cafe | Water Fountain | Four Square | Ping Pong Table | Toilets in Cafe

Subiaco Theatre Gardens

Beautiful new nature playground close to Subiaco central and Perth City.  Great natural shading and lots of grassed area for a picnic.

Nature Based Playground | Water Play Feature | Picnic Tables | BBQs | Toilets | Grassed Area 

Keane's Point Peppermint Grove

Absolutely stunning location along the Swan River.  Great playground, great swimming spot and you might even see some dolphins!

Playground | Toddler Playground | Picnic Shelter | BBQs | Toilets | Cafe Nearby

Cottesloe Foreshore (cnr Napier Tce)

Great playground right alongside the ocean, Marine Tce coast walk and cafe strip

Playground | Coastal Walk | Cafes & Toilets Nearby

Swanbourne Beach Foreshore

Fully fenced pirate themed playground out the front of the Naked Fig Cafe

Russell Brown Adventure Park

Massive nature play park with bbqs, toilets and beautiful river views

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South of the River

Swan Canning Riverpark

Only swings here but a great place to have a splash in the river and walk along the jetty

Swings | Picnic Shelter | Toilets | Showers | Good Swimming Spot | Footpaths | Parking Over Bridge

Belmont Faulkner (Volcano) Park

Check out the Volcano, water play features, flying fox & more, or go to the Faulkner Park Skate Park.

Fully Fenced Playground | Toddler Playground | Giant Volcano | Toilets | BBQ's | Picnic Shelters | Grassed Areas | Flying Fox | Water Play Feature

Garvey Park Ascot

Beautiful park right on the bank of the Swan River and only minutes drive from the airport

Playground | Toilets | Cafe (Open Sat - Tues) | Water Fountain

Tomato Lake Reserve Kewdale

Playground | Climbing Frame | Exercise Stations | BBQs | Seating | Cafe (Dog Friendly) | Lake Walk | Lots of Natural Shade | Toilets | Water Fountain | Located Approx 9km East of Perth | Main Playground Recommended for Kids 6yrs & Under

Beautiful reserve with it all!  Great playground with climbing frame not far from the main playground. Short lake walk, BBQ's, seating, toilets, lots of grassed area, exercise stations & natural shade. Tomato Lake Cafe located close to the playground and is dog friendly (outdoor dining) - Closed Monday & Tuesday however.

Neil McDougall Park Como

Fantastic brightly coloured playground with lots of swings, slides and things to climb.  Big single cable flying fox too they'll love! 

Playground | Flying Fox | Lake Walk | Exercise Stations | BBQ's | Toilets | Water Fountain

Tompkins Park (Lucky Bay) Applecross

Great little fully fenced playground along the river.  Great spot for a splash or kayak in the river too

Fully Fenced Playground | BBQ's | Water Fountain | Shower | Automatic Toilets | Water Fountain | Cycle Way

Heathcote Reserve "Pirate Ship Playground" Applecross

Huge Pirate Ship Playground with great views of the Swan river

Playground | River Views | Cafe | BBQs | Picnic Shelters | Toilets

Deep Water Point Mount Pleasant

Fenced, shaded playground near the river.  Deep Water Cafe nearby

Piney Lakes Sensory Playground Winthrop

Sensory play features, perfect for the little adventures. Set alongside a beautiful little lake and bushland

Playground | Sensory Play | BBQs | Toilets | Water Fountain | Small Lake | Footpaths

Carawatha Park Willagee

Awesome playground with a focus on active play for both parents and kids

Basketball Hoop | Mini Skate Park | Football Oval | Exercise Stations | Nature Based Play | Water Play | Toilets | BBQs | Picnic Shelters 

Wireless Hill Park Ardross

Learn about Perth's communication history, climb the radio tower anchor and enjoy amazing views of the river and city, and enjoy the little playground or climb some trees.  Beautiful, peaceful location.

Playground | Riverviews | Toilets | BBQs | Picnic Shelters | Liberty Swing | Historical Buildings | Water Fountain | Pathed Bush Walks | Approx 10kms South of Perth | Recommended for 12 months + 

Kadidjiny "Dr Seuss" Park Melville 

Great park for the bigger kids who love to explore & be active with some super cool Dr Seuss themed exercise stations.

Fully fenced playground with really cool rolling grassy & blue bumps throughout.

Fully Fenced Playground | BBQs | Toilets | Themed Exercise Stations | Large Grassed Area

Pioneers Park Bibra Lake

Two big playgrounds one for bigger kids with two tall slides, and a fenced toddler playground, alongside the beautiful Bibra Lake

Playground | Fully Fenced Toddler Playground | Picnic Shelters | BBQs | Toilets 

Hossack Reserve, Parkwood

Small playground with great bike track with road markings and road signage

Small playground | Bike Track | No toilets | Large Grassed Area

Riverton Jetty Park

Nature based playground recommended for kids 5 years and under. Cafe right near play area with lovely Canning River views. Parking can be difficult on a busy day.

Nature based play | Toilets | Cafe Nearby | Water Play Feature | BBQ

Glasson Park East Fremantle

Great little fully fenced playground for kids of all ages

Fully fenced playground | BBQs | Picnic tables | Water fountain | Basketball ring | No toilets

South Beach South Fremantle 

Kids will love this pirate themed playground, they can walk the plank and climb all over this pirate ship! Two great cafes nearby too.

Beachside Playground | BBQ's | Picnic Shelters | Large Gazebo | Wild Fig Cafe | South Beach Cafe | Toilets | Showers

Churchill Park Rockingham Foreshore

BBQ's & Playground right next to the beach and opposite the cafe & restaurant strip

Sir Walter Padbury Thornlie

Check out the huge dinosaur bones in the sand, and enjoy a play or run around on the big grassed area.

Playground | BBQs | Picnic Shelter | Large Grassed Area | Dinosaur Sighting | Cricket Nets | Free Parking

Manning Park Hamilton Hill

Huge playground alongside the beautiful Manning Lake, makes a nice walk wih a play afterwards!

Playground | Lake Walk | Toilets | BBQs 

Atwell Reserve

Great ropes challenge equipment for the bigger kids, and smaller playground equipment for the toddlers

Ropes Playground | Toddler Playground | Cricket Nets | Football Goals | Water Fountain | No Toilets (unless sports event on)

Coogee Beach Playground

Fantastic wooden pirate ship playground on the Coogee Beach foreshore near the Coogee Beach Life Saving Club

Playground | Grassed Area | Beach Access | Showers | Cafe Nearby | BBQs | Picnic Shelters

Fantasy Park Waikiki

Kids will love exploring the fantasy creatures throughout this adventure playgrounds.

Playground | Fun Sculptures | Toilets | BBQs | Shower | Picnic Shelters | Basketball Ring | Large Grassed Area

Litchfield Circle Wandi

Small little suburban nature based playground

Nature Based Play | Sheltered Picnic Table | No Toilets or BBQ

Piara Waters Sporting Complex

Cute little playground at the Piara Waters Sporting Complex

Small Playground | Toilets (only open if sporting event on) | Water Fountain | Large Grassed Area | Sensory Play

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City / Central

Hyde Park North Perth

Awesome playground close to the city, with water playground

Playground | Water Playground | Lake Walk | Toilets | Drink Fountain | Disabled Swing | Climbing Trees

Kings Park - Synergy Parkland

Follow the dinosaur prints and find the ancient fossils. Playground and mist forest 

Playground | Water Play Feature | Lake | Cafe | Toilets | Large Shelter | Dinosaur Sighting

Kings Park - Ivey Watson Lotterywest Family Area

Located near Sticky Beaks cafe - huge adventure play area suitable for the whole family 

Fully Fenced Playground | Grassed Areas | Picnic Shelters | Large Shelter | Cafe 

Cultural Centre Creative Playspace Northbridge 

Right outside the Perth Museum entrance with lots of features to keep their creative sides busy, musical instruments, stepping stones, mirrors and more...

Sensory Playground | Seating | Cafes Nearby | Toilets in Museum

John Oldham Park, Perth

Located on Mounts Bay Road, this hidden playground is set amongst beautiful gardens and has a huge slide both kids and adults will love! 

Playground | Large Slide | Waterfall | BBQs | Paid Parking

Variety Place Saw Avenue Kings Park

Kids will love exploring the tunnels and caves and climbing up to the fort at this huge nature based playground

Nature Based Playground | Toilets | BBQs | Picnic Tables | Water Fountains | Footpaths | Pavilion for Hire (Fees Apply)

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Woodbridge Riverside Playground

Great wooden pirate ship playground, water play features and lots more to explore at this fantastic adventure playground

Fully Fenced Playground | Toilets | All Ability Play Features | Picnic Shelters | Flying Fox | Water Play Feature

Whiteman Park Playground

Huge playground with something for all ages, full fenced (except for entry) and fully shaded.

Free Entry | Free Parking | Toilets | BBQs | Picnic Shelters | Free Water Playground (seasonal) Close By

St Leonards Park Daynton / West Swan

Shady adventure playground packed with features with something for all ages. A must visit if you are in the Swan Valley!

Big Playground | Toilets | BBQs | Picnic Shelters | Large Grassed Area

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