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Piney Lakes Sensory Playground

* Playground * Toilets * Close free parking * BBQ * Disabled/Pram Accessible * Water Fountain * Disc Golf Course  

Piney Lakes Sensory Playground is located in Winthrop, south of Perth, is the perfect play place for the little adventurer!

At the Piney Lakes Sensory Playground you will of course find the traditional play things like swings, a see-saw and a climbing frame, but with some extra sensory play features such as a big pirate like ship, sound garden, light/colour play features.

It is however set on varying levels and by a beautiful little lake, so it's not a sit down and watch the kids play type of playground, you will have to stay with them to keep an eye on them - which means its a great playground for kids and parents to explore together!

Piney Lakes Sensory Playground is set next to a small lake so keep an eye on them! 

There is a big ramp (which the kids will love running up and down) that leads into an amphitheatre type area where there is a cool climbing frame.  This is probably the best place to go if you want to have some time to sit down and relax

There are so many features at Piney Lakes Sensory Playground its a great place for parents and kids to explore together.  

You might also like to take a little bike or scooter or just walk along some of the footpaths and check out the water features and do a bit of nature exploring.

Piney Lakes Sensory Playground is a great place to explore as a family or to enjoy a get together with family and friends.  There is a BBQ and toilets right by the playground.

The playground is suitable for toddlers and older - you just need to very careful with the lake very close to the play area.

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There is also a free disc golf course to the north of the sensory playground.  This map above of the course has been provided by Dude Discs

How to Get There: Piney Lakes Reserve Murdoch Drive, Winthrop

Safety Considerations:

The park is located right alongside a small lake so you need to closely supervise children. There are also signs about snake activity in the area, so keep children away from bush as much as possible and ensure you stay close by if you are exploring the bush areas.

Emergency Information

Address: Murdoch Drive, Winthrop

Nearest Cross St: Parry Ave, Winthrop

Nearest Emergency Hospital: 

St John of God Murdoch, Murdoch

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