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Telethon Kids Carnival

Bendigo Bank Kids Carnvial 2016, October 15th & 16th - Perth Convention Centre

Every Telethon weekend in Perth (October), the Telethon Kids Carnival is held at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre. The Telethon Kids Carnival is a great day out for the whole family and is a great way to meet some celebrities and enjoy rides and games all for only $5 per person. Tickets are only available at the door.

It can get very bbusy and the lines very long for rides, but the kids enjoyed the sporting and other activities which had very short or no lines at all - and especially loved all the opportunities to have photos with some of their heros and other mascots like Iron Man, the Star Wars Troopers and the Jungle Sports Lion!

If you are heading to the Telethon Kids Carnival here are some tips! 

  • Catch the train in, the train stops at the Esplanade Station that is only a 2 min walk to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.  A family rider also only consts $12.40 for all day travel for up to 7 people, so you will save on the parking fees
  • When you get inside check in at the Constable Care Family Meeting Place - get you kids a sticker with your mobile number on it so you can be reunited quickly in the event you are separated.
  • If you can have one parent wait in the lines and the other take the kids to the activities that don't have as many lines, or take them around to get photos with the roaming mascots.  This is a very popular event and while there are lots of things to do, you will need to expect long lines for the amusement rides and some of the more popular activities.
  • Make sure you bring the camera there are lots of opportunities for photos with mascots and autographs from celebrities
  • Ensure you check out the displays outside the Carnival - there are some great free fun activities for the kids and some great information about community organisations.
  • Bring your lunch and drinks, there is a small area in the middle with artificial grass and some lounges so you can enjoy some down time.
  • Make sure you have money left to put in the donation box on your way out too!

More information: Western Power Telethon Kids Carnival 2015 Facebook event

Here are some photos from our visit to the Telethon Kids Carnival 2013

Free activities in the foyer before entering

Meeting his hero Iron Man was a big highlight

More information:

Posted by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 20th October, 2013, reviewd 12th October, 2016

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