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The Maze

Home of Outback Splash Bullsbrook

 Maze  * Playground * Jumping Pillow * Mini Golf  * Outdoor Games & Puzzles * Waterslide Playground (Seasonal) * Animal Experiences * Cafe * Pram/Disabled Accessible * Toilets * Parents Room * First Aid * Lockers * Drink Fountains * Picnic & BBQ Facilities * Eftpos * Closed Monday & Tuesday (Open Everyday in School Holidays) * Gates Open 10-5pm

The Maze Home of Outback Splash, is located only 45-60mins drive from Perth city, and is well worth the drive you wont be disappointed! It's easy to find just jump off the Mitchell Freeway at Burns Beach Rd, turn right, and keep heading east until you hit The Maze.  You'll feel like you are driving into the middle of nowhere, but there are signs all the way to let you know when you are getting close. There's not a lot to see along the way just good old Aussie bushland then bang you see this - Outback Splash at The Maze

The Maze in Bullsbrook, Perth is so much more than just a Maze, and of course the new Outback Splash. If you are going to The Maze, make sure you plan to spend as much time there as you can because there is so much to do.

Why not get there early on a Sunday morning and enjoy breakfast. From 8am you can get breakfast at Cafe Iguana located outside The Maze entrance.

The cafe is surrounded by tranquil gardens and the mini golf course. There's also a great giant chess board the kids will love to play while they wait for breakfast.

Even if you do not wish to enter The Maze grounds, Cafe Iguana is a beautiful place to have sit down and have breakfast or lunch, and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

After hearing "When are we going into the maze?" for about the 10th time, we finished up breakfast and headed into The Maze grounds. The boys were keen to conquer the main maze first. They loved leading the way and were eyeing off the tall fortress at the end the whole time. After lots of u-turns, and dead ends we found our way through the maze and the kids climbed to the top of the fortress for a great view of The Maze grounds, and were wrapped to find they could slide their way back down to the bottom.

After completing the main maze we moved onto the jumping pillow. The kids loved it - and I could resist having a go either. This giant inflatable pillow is amazing you get quite a workout bounding from one end to the other.

Near the jumping pillow is a great place to set up for the day. There's heaps of shade, grass, seated areas and free to use barbeques. Around this area are other mazes the kids will love to do over and over again - and a little playground for kids under 10 yrs.

Find your way through this maze by following the colour sequence

Clip yourself onto a rope and get from one end to the other without getting tangled!

But that's not all - if you missed the koalas at breakfast you can also see them in the Koala enclosure and for an extra fee have a "Pat & Snap" opportunity (bookings required). You can also see emus, kangaroos, heaps of different birds in several averies and enjoy a camel ride (camel rides also extra).

Everywhere you look there is something different to do and experience - there is a beautiful shaded, seated area outside the Koala enclosure. This is the perfect spot  to enjoy a snack and have a game of giant Connect 4.

You can either take your own picnic lunch or barbeque along or enjoy a light lunch from Cafe Iguana - and if you have the energy after all that there is unlimited mini golf, included in the admission, to play too.

There is also a large emu & kangaroo enclosure you can walk through.  There were a couple of little joeys  still in Mum's pouch on our visit.  We got up close and the kids loved seeing their cute little heads popping out.

And when it's time to cool off head to Outback Splash. Outback Splash is a multilevel waterslide playground designed specifically for young families. 

The main structure features a series of slides.  The small but wide blue slide, above on the right above, was most popular with my 3yo, because kids can ride continuously there was never a wait for this one.  He must have riden this one about 50 times.  There are two other small ones on the the other side too.  

The other slides kids must be min 100cm to ride alone.  It says no tandem riding but they allowed children under 100cm to ride with older siblings or parents.

There are no age restrictions on any of the slides, so adults can ride the  smaller slides and young children can ride the bigger slides - only restriction as detailed above is that kids <100cm cannot ride slides alone but are permitted to go together with an adult or older sibling.

There are mats to ride the bigger slides, which are REALLY fast, there are a couple of open slides and a couple of enclosed slides which are very dark! The bigger slides might be a bit too scary for younger children, and of course if they are under 100cm they cannot ride these alone.  The lines for these slide started to grow after lunch, but were no more than a 10 min wait, on the day we went which was a sunny 35 deg summer's day in the school holidays! 

There are also a few features around the bottom of the main structure for younger children - like the little fish slide (below) and several light water sprays.

Oh and they had a DJ absolutely cranking out the most awesome tunes, so the atmosphere was amazing! You can also meet Pablo, just watch he doesn't get you with his water gun! 

Young children need to be closely assisted and supervised in and around the Outback Splash waterslide playground as there is a large bucket of water that drops every 15mins or so! This can pack a punch and knock little one's not expecting it to the ground - there are also lots of bigger kids running around - but luckily it's lots of fun for parents too so this is no problem! 

There are toilets, a parents room and first aid post located within the toilet block alongside Outback Splash.  There are also lockers available for 3 hr or all day hire, so you can lock away valuables too.

New in 2016 is Octopus Bay (opening December 2016) designed especially for toddlers and is set in a shaded 35 metre splash pool. Octopus Bay features kid-friendly water activities including a 3-slide giant octopus and a miniature tipping bucket.  The giant inflatable water slide The Plummet is also a new addition and is a mazzive 10m tall and over 40m long. 

We all absolutely loved The Maze Home of Outback Splash - its a great place for families to enjoy doing something together and we highly recommend planning to spend the good part of the day there if you want to make the most of it - there's so much to do a couple of hours just isn't enough.

The Maze makes a great place to have a birthday party with catered and self catered packages available. Just remember you can bring your own food & drinks, so if you arrive early you can set up and spend the whole day at The Maze.  This is the best way to get the best value from your admission fee.

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What to bring: picnic rug, eski with packed or barbeque lunch, hats, sunscreen, fly repellent, stroller or pram if you have young children, bathers and towel.

There is lots of beautiful shady grassed areas over by the maze and jumping pillow so you don't really need to bring shade along - however if you want to set up alongside Outback Splash there isn't much shade around the area.  So it's worth an extra trip to the car to bring the shade along.  There is a massive grassed area perfect for setting up for the day

Note: you can bring alcohol, but you must be only consume in your picnic area.  No alcohol consumption is permitted in the café, on the decking, near the café & ticket office or while playing mini golf, chess & disc golf.

More information -

How To Get There: The Maze is easy to find, just exit right off the Mitchell Freeway at Burns Beach Road and follow the road and signs all the way down to Neaves Road - 1635 Neaves Road, Bullsbrook

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 19th November 2012. Update 19th November 2016

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