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Triassic Fun Park Canning Vale

* Play Structure * Cafe *  Baby Change Table * Toilets (with pram/disabled access) * High Chairs * Slippery Slides * Toddler Play Structure * Car Rides (extra) *  Glow In The Dark Mini Golf (extra) * Eftpos (min $10) * Closed Mondays



Stop everything dinosaur fans! At Triassic Fun Park Dinosaur Play Centre Canning Vale it's all about you! If you love dinosaurs you are going to love Triassic Park. Triassic Park has everything you would expect at a play centre and much more! There is a play structure, cafe, toddler area - and there are also some other fun attractions that you'll need to purchase a ticket to enjoy.

The huge play structure is designed in a jungle theme. And a jungle it is. It is impossible to not get lost! It has been designed for 5 yrs +, but all ages are welcome with adult supervision recommended for those children under 5.  

The design of the play structure is really cool, I'll detail some unique features below - but children aged 3-4 years will probably need some assistance and it isn't easy to keep track of them from the ground.  They do have staff moving around the play structure to help the littler kids out where ever possible also.

It has been designed with very few squeezy spots so it is very easy for parents to get around - there were lots of parents up in the structure today, including me - as my 2yo nephew was having trouble with the stair climb entry.  

But I tell you what I was so glad I got up there and had a go! It was so much fun! I felt like I was 5 again and my sons were visibly excited that Mum was having a go with them instead of watching from the cafe! 

You can see lots of dinosaurs within and below the play structure.  There are dinosaurs all over the play centre watching over all the kids as they play. I thought this perspex panel that you can stand on and look down through was pretty cool and scary! I also love the tarzan swinging ropes throughout the play structure and the padded "bucking bull" at the bottom.

The slides are tucked around behind the play structure and are super fast...and with 5 lanes it's fun for the kids to race each other. 

And for the Triassic toddlers and babies there is a also a small play structure alongside the cafe.

The dinosaur themed cafe menu has a large selection of hot & cold drinks & foods for adults and kids.  You can have some breakiosaurus, or a burgerdactyl or sandiraptor and heaps more! Kids sandwiches start from $2.10

Now to the added attractions - these do cost extra, however our kids were happy to have one go on each and then did not ask again - once they were caught up in the super cool play structure they forgot all about the other things.  You need to purchase tickets at the entrance for these.

If you want to go but don't want to pay for the extras, it's best to talk to your kids before you get there - and maybe you only take part in the extras every now and then as a treat.

Car Rides

Kids ride these motorised cars around a obstacle track with pedestrian crosswalks and traffic lights.  The staff are also very helpful and help the kids around the corners.  This is $5 extra and my little Cars fan loved this one in particular (kids must be 4+ to ride)

Glow In The Dark Mini Golf

Now this was fun! Just seeing the room is amazing, there are dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures featured in each of the 9 holes, dinosaur paintings on the walls and even the carpet glows! You feel like you have walked into the Triassic Era with all the dinosaur roars in the background! When you hit the ball in certain sections noises and flashing lights appear it is really cool! Good fun for only $7.50 for 9 holes

Lastly, birthday parties! Check out the themed party rooms and they are immaculately decorated in 3 themes - dinosaur, pirate and fairytale. Packages include the play structure or the play structure plus dark light golf.

All in all we loved Triassic Fun Park Canning Vale, it is a more interactive play centre experience, especially if you have children under 5 - don't expect to be able to sit back and relax too much - but instead take the opportunity to get active with your kids and have some fun yourself! 

What to bring: socks for kids and parents

Cost: Adults and kids 12months and under FREE. From $8.50 for 1yr + weekdays (from $10.50 weekdays and school holidays). $7.50pp for dark light golf & $5 or car rides

More Info:

How to Get There: U1/410 Ranford Rd Canning Vale 

Want information and a map to take you to Triassic Fun Park while you are on the go?! Then get the Kids Around Perth App today and find it under Indoor Play!

Posted by Lauren, 23rd February 2013. Updated July 28th, 2016

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