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Watermans Bay Beach & Playground

* Fully fenced, shaded playground * BBQ * Snorkelling * Swimming * Single outdoor shower * Water Fountain * Limited parking * Toilets Close By

The Watermans Bay Beach & Playground is a little hidden gem on our coast, and is a great spot for a play and a swim with young children - you may have driven past this spot several times and not realised it was there!

The boat shaped playground is located overlooking the beautiful Watermans Bay, it is such a picturesque spot on a sunny day. The grassed area around the playground is beautiful with a few little shady spots under trees, so you can enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner. Just north of the playground is a barbeque and there is also a shower and water fountain near the playground.

Entry to the beach is just in front of the playground, and takes you down to the most gorgeous little cove.  This spot is great for little ones to swim or bigger kids to have a go at snorkelling.  It's well protected by the reef so the water is generally calm and there

Only thing is there isn't a lot of parking.  There is a small carpark close to the beach and there are several spots on West Coast Drive, alongside Watermans Bay, other than that you will need to park in one of the side streets (please observe parking signs in these streets).

And if you want a coffee or a bite to eat Bay 33 is just across the road! And if you need a toilet there are toilets not too far away if you walk towards Beach Rd (north).

Watermans Bay is best visited during the week while the kids are at school or possibly late in the evening, we can imagine this spot getting very busy on a hot day on the weekend, and parking may be a bit difficult.

What to bring: sandpit toys, shade for the beach, bbq or picnic lunch

How to Get There: West Coast Drive, Watermans  (Park at the carpark near the end of Margaret St)

Posted by Lauren, 25th February 2014

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