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4 Common Household Items That Can Be Dangerous To Your Child By Confident Hands First Aid 

You thought your house was pretty safe right?  Well here are a few common items that are found in most households that you may not have realised can be very dangerous to your child’s health thanks to Confident Hand First Aid Perth Trainer, Nicole Grame.

Dishwasher Tablets

Dishwashing powder or liquid can be extremely caustic even in small amounts causing burns to the mouth, throat and airways.  Dishwasher tablets with the bright red ball that looks like a lolly in the middle, and bright colours of liquid and packaging are particularly attractive to young children. And where do we usually store them? Right under the kitchen sink within reach of children. 

The best option to reduce risk is to always place these items out of reach of children. You may also consider child locks on the cupboards or sealing items in child proof containers.


In June 2015, a 4 year old boy died in Kentucky USA after reaching for the cinnamon off the kitchen bench and tried to swallow it. He started choking and collapsed. Cinnamon is ok to sprinkle in your baking or on top of your hot chocolate, but in larger amounts can be very irritating to the body causing a cough reflex that can result in the cinnamon being inhaled.  The cinnamon can cause the airways to spasm, enough so that they can close up. It can also be caustic to the airways when inhaled, and result in inflammation and scarring of the lungs – even over time resulting in damage equivalent to that of emphysema.


Baby Oil

Baby Oil is a hydrocarbon. If swallowed it can go down the wrong way and enter the lungs. Hydrocarbon aspiration can lead to lung irritation, pneumonia or even death.  This is best avoided by not using baby oil (which is documented to not be very good for your child in the long term anyway) with products such as coconut oil, shea butter or olive oil.


Button Batteries

Those little, flat silver batteries that you find in watches or may find in remote controls or kids toys can be deadly.  Their shiny appearance and small size makes them perfect for little ones to put in their mouths and swallow.  But once swallowed, the battery can burn through the oesophagus causing major or in some cases fatal damage. Damage can begin to occur within hours.   

Parents should eliminate button batteries from the home as much as possible.  Pay close attention to small items that flash or make a sound, like greeting cards that sing or small toys that flash. These are mostly likely powered by button batteries.  Where it’s not practical to eliminate the item ensure that the button batteries are contained with a screw tight cover and out of the reach of children. If you suspect a child has swallowed a button battery, take them straight your local hospital emergency department for assessment.


This list of common household items that can be dangerous to your child just goes to show that there are many items that are not obviously dangerous to your child, that can still cause them serious or even fatal injuries. As parents we try to remove the hazards we know about, but there are always going to be those we don’t know about or don’t foresee.

This is why ensuring that your first aid is up to date is so important. It could be those critical actions you take in the first few minutes that save your child’s life. Or it may be a small sign that something is not right with your child and bringing them to medical attention early that saves their life.

There are no excuses at Confident Hand First Aid, they can come you whether it be for 2 people or a big group. Kids under 16 can attend free and are encouraged to come along and join in the practical activities, it’s never too young to start learning. Their 3 hour Parents First Aid Training Perth is just $50 per person, this affordable and essential training will give you the skills and knowledge to act quickly and confidently to save a life.

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Guest Blog by Nicole Grame, October 20th 2015

Nicole Grame is the founder and chief trainer at Confident Hands First Aid. She is a nurse with 20 years plus experience which includes 10 years working in acute Emergency departments. Nicole has nationally recognised TAE first aid trainer qualifications and is also a busy mum of 2.

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