8 Hacks for Road Tripping With Your Kids

See this guide for 8 Hacks For Road Tripping With Your Kids. Who doesn’t love a good road trip? It’s the perfect opportunity for families to spend time together while exploring the beautiful landscapes and holiday destinations Australia has to offer. Travelling long distances with your children can be challenging, especially when they become bored or tired. To avoid quarrels, meltdowns and complaints, it’s always a good idea to have some strategies in place.  Read on for our top 8 hacks for road tripping with your kids.

8 Hacks For Road Tripping With Your Kids

1.       Take backpacks with fun activities

Fill up a backpack for each child with toys and activities. Try a mix of different types of age-appropriate activities such as toys, puzzles and colouring books which you already own, or add a few new items as a surprise. You can hang the backpacks over the head rest of the front seats to make them easily accessible.

 2.       Play smart games

Car games are good distractions and it’s wise to keep a few tricks up your sleeve for those times when the road feels extra long. License plate bingo, ‘I spy’, storytelling, memory games, and road trip scavenger hunts are popular games which are free and easy to initiate.

 3.       Plan regular pit stops

A long road trip is much more manageable if you break it up with regular stops. This gives the adults a chance to rest and stretch their legs, while the kids get rid of their excess energy with a few minutes of playing ball or throwing a Frisbee.

 4.       Keep a first aid kit nearby

Bumps and cuts can happen anytime and anywhere, even in the car. Keep a first-aid kit in nearby with band-aids, hand-sanitizer, cotton buds, mild pain killers and some antiseptic cream.

 5.       Pack audio books and music

Age-appropriate music and audio books are very effective at settling young children down and often help them fall asleep. If you don’t want to buy any, you can borrow a variety of audio books from your local library.

6.       Don’t forget the healthy snacks and treats

The stores and restaurants at convenience stops are often expensive and don’t offer a variety of healthy food choices. Packing your own food is a great way to keep your family’s energy levels stable and save money.  Make sandwiches, muffins and wraps ahead of time, and pack snacks like nuts, biscuits and fruit pieces in little zip-lock bags or containers.

 7.       Organise the car

Keep your car as organised and tidy as possible by placing loose items in shoe storage bags which you hang over the front seats or suction cup shower caddies that are attached to the windows. Zip-lock bags are great for storing little things like wet-wipes, hair clips, crayons and blocks, or for keeping an extra set of clean clothes in the car.

 8.       Safety first

The safety of your family during a road trip should be your first priority. Before you start the trip, make sure your car is in a good condition by checking the tires, windscreen for cracks or chips, windscreen wipers and lights for any issues which you may have to get fixed before you leave.  On the day, pack water, a flashlight, car phone chargers and your roadside assistance details in case of a break down or emergency.


How to Plan a Family Road Trip on a budget?

If you want to stay on a budget while going on an adventurous ride with your family, we can provide you with some helpful tips on that as well. There are simple steps you can take to help ensure that your next family vacation is both enjoyable and affordable. 

One easy place to start saving money is accommodation. You can take advantage of lower-priced online deals and consider camping or using a travel trailer instead of a hotel for more savings. 

Additionally, research ahead of time for food deals in the areas you plan on visiting. Packing snacks from home is an easy way to save money, as is selecting local eateries that offer up discounts or special dinner times. 

Lastly, before leaving on your journey make sure everyone has done their homework regarding budgeting. Also, please do not forget to analyse how much everyone thinks they will need to make it through the trip comfortably. 

With some planning and preparation ahead of time, your whole family can enjoy a fun and memorable road trip while staying under budget!

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