Kids Perth Party Ideas that are Fun for the Parents Too


Planning a party is a mountainous task. You have to work within a budget, notify people, arrange food, and ensure your guests have a good time.

But this task becomes all the more challenging when both kids and adults are involved. Do you cater to the adults’ needs or ensure the kids are not bored? Well, you can do both! We’ve compiled the perfect list of party ideas to make your party a blast for both adults and kids.

Things To Do Before the Party

Last-minute ideas can be fun, but planning ensures that you are actually able to make those ideas work. Whether it’s the venue, activities, or dress code, taking care of the details beforehand saves you from stress on the event day.

Arrange an Assortment of Food

Kids are famously picky eaters. But, then again, so are many adults. So how do you ensure you have something for everyone to enjoy? Two words: grazing boards!

Grazing boards — such as those in this Gathar grazing board selection — involve an assortment of foods served on a wooden dish. The best thing about them is that there is no strict combination that you ought to follow! While most boards involve some form of meat, cheese, and vegetables, you can customise your boards to suit your taste.

What’s even more amazing is that you can have different boards for kids and adults. This way, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Theme It Up

One party idea that never gets old: theme parties! However, the trick is to have a theme that works for both adults and kids. One particularly good idea is to have a Dress Like Your Favourite Movie Character costume party. No matter their age, everyone will have an outfit in mind!

Fun Party Venues

Once you’ve taken care of the food and theme, it’s time to choose a venue. Instead of hosting your party at your house or a restaurant, choose a place from the list we’ve compiled below.

Celebrate at the Cottesloe Beach

Just think about it. A light breeze washes over you as you watch the ocean with a drink in your hand. Sounds relaxing, right? All of this is possible at Cottesloe, Perth’s most famous beach hangout spot.

Cottesloe is more than just the perfect lounging spot for adults. Kids can also have a great time swimming, snorkelling, and surfing. And if you get hungry amid all this, check out Indiana Cottesloe Beach for some fish, chips, and pizza!

Jump on Over to the Trampoline Park

Want to do something adventurous but stay indoors? A trampoline park is the perfect place for your party! The event will be centred around large foam ball pits, obstacle courses, and energising music. This is something every person, no matter their age, enjoys!

In Perth, Bounce Cannington is the go-to place for a trampoline party. Featuring a cliff jump for daring adults and a soft play area for kids, it will have something for all your guests.

Climb Your Way to Fun

Have you ever thought about having an entertainment-based party? Well, clowns are outdated. And so are fairies, princesses, and magicians. Today, adults and kids are all about doing stuff rather than seeing it done. Good news for you: a rock climbing party is easy to plan and completely affordable!

Call up an indoor climbing gym, (check out rock and wall climbing Perth ideas here ), and book a slot to ensure all your party guests can participate. Climbing will not only give your guests an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but also save you from the stress of making interesting party conversations.

Hire a Party Bus

A party inside an air-conditioned bus with built-in speakers and led lights is a unique experience that is enjoyable for both kids and adults. If this is something you think fits your party’s vibe, rent a bus from the Go Party Bus Perth.

The coolest thing about these on-the-go party vehicles is that each one embodies a specific theme. The Garfield Party Bus even has a dance floor inside!

Create Something Fun

Do you know which parties are the most memorable? The ones that let you take home a token of remembrance! And that’s what makes pottery-themed parties great — they allow guests to create something they will cherish forever.

However, finding materials and organising it all is a hassle you’d rather avoid. So instead of arranging it yourself, simply contact a pottery studio near you and get them to take care of all the details for you.

The Pottery Playroom in Perth is a kid-friendly space with a cafe inside that allows your guests to reenergize after a long day of creating!

Outdoor Fun Party Activities

A party does not always have to be loud and rowdy. Sometimes the best get-togethers are the ones where you can relax. Sunlight, fresh air, and greenery are many reasons to move your party outside. Two of our favourite outdoor party activities are listed below.

Go on an Adventurous Hike

Famous for its natural beauty, there is no better place for a hike than Perth. A trip to the Canning Regional Park offers a unique bonding experience, where kids can learn about wildlife, and adults can take in the wetlands and meadows along different trails.

The park also has an education centre and a cafe, making the experience even more special for you and your guests. So the next time you’re short on time and have nothing planned, a hiking party might just save the day!

Go on a Cycling Adventure

If you’re new to Perth, you probably don’t know about its gorgeous cycling paths, which can host an adventurous cycling party. What’s more, Transperth allows bikes on its trains and fairies. Plus, cycling can give you a chance to get in that daily exercise and is something all kids enjoy. All of this makes cycling the perfect kid-friendly party activity!

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We make every effort to ensure all this information is up to date but should be used as a guide only. Events do get cancelled or changed and venues can close without notice. Always follow the links provided for up to date information on an event or activity. If you know of a change or cancellation we’ve missed then please contact us to let us know.

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