Amberton Beach Toddler Playground

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The Amberton Beach Toddler Playground is small but packed with fun for little ones and nicely contained in a mostly fenced area overlooking the beautiful Amberton Beach. The surrounding area is still very much under development and an area for a cafe to be constructed later in 2019 has been fenced off next to the playground. This is still a great spot to come for a play but will be even better once fully developed later in the year. 

The playground has been designed for young ones and is mostly fenced aside from the open section where the balancing logs are. It's well shaded and has a good range of play features to keep little ones entertained. 

The play features are all low level and include naturebased play with the balancing logs, two trampolines, a small play/climbing structure with slide, water play table, crawl tunnel and smalls spinning disc.

There is access down a set of stairs to the beautiful beach (not patrolled) and showers are available next to the playground at the top of the stairs, so put this one on your play, bbq and swim locations list for summer. 

A big picnic shelter is located right alongside the playground, with a couple of bbqs and a drink fountain too. You'll love cooking your bbq while looking over the beautiful ocean views. This elevated position is simply stunning. There are not toilets, but these will of course be available once the cafe is constructed.

If you are looking for a nice quiet playground perfect for little ones with the option to enjoy a swim at the beach then you will love the Amberton Beach Toddler Playground. We can't wait to see what this area looks like once it's fully developed. We think it will be one of those places people come from far and wide to enjoy.

How To Get There: Unfortunately Google Maps was not up to date at the time of posting but if you folllow the Cinnabar Drive until you get to the beach you will find it.

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 27th February 2019

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