Aqua Mania Funnas Rockingham Beach

Inflatable Obstacle Course * Open Daily * 6 yrs + * 50min sessions * Sessions Run On The Hour * From $15 for kids

Aqua Mania Funnas is an awesome floating obstacle course that is new to the Rockingham Beach Foreshore this summer 2016/2017, and is the ultimate summer fun outing for families with kids 6years+. They can be found on Rockingham Beach daily so, it's perfect for some go to summer fun this school holidays.

This is an affordable outing this summer with tickets $15 for kids 10-17years and $17 for adults. Kids 6-9years can participate but must be with a paying adult (max 2 kids 6-9yrs per adult (18yrs+)). A ticket for one adult with one child 6-9yrs is $30, and one adult with two kids 6-9years is $45. Our 6 year old had a go, but really needed one on one assistance from Dad, so if you are going with kids at the younger end of the 6-9year age bracket we recommend you have one adult per child to get the most from your session. Please see the Aqua Mania Funnas website (link below) for up to date pricing and information on any current promotions.

Your Aqua Mania Funnas session is one hour which includes wading out to the course and back to the beach, life jacket fitting and quick safety talk and approx 50 minutes of play.  Safe to say, kids will be pretty worn out after 50 mins, I know I was anyway. Sessions run on the hour between 9.30am-6pm, and you'll need to arrive 30mins before your session (first session 10am and last session 5pm).

At the course the lifeguard in the lifeguard house oversees the course and the participants.  She makes sure everyone is safe and instructs the lifeguard on the course if anybody needs any assistance.  There is a lifeguard on the course to assist people who have gone into the water back on the course, to help you with tips to conquer the course challenges and of course to provide rescue assistance if required. Please note, the person in the bright yellow shirt in the pictures below is the life guard, and all other persons must be wearing a life jacket for the duration of the session.


The course is all connected so you make your way from one end to the other trying not to fall off along the way (which is quite difficult).  At one end there is a rope climb up to a large inflatlable mountain where you can jump off, slide down or climb down to the trampoline.

At the other end is a series of obstacles and balance beams you need to run (or crawl) across and try not to fall in the water with a high jump at the end.

If you've fallen in the water there are a couple of floating challenges to attempt while you are there. Both require a bit of strength to pull yourself onto them. They are the spinner and a rock climbing style mountain.

Our favourite feature was definitely The Flip.  Either an adult in your group or the life guard can help you with this one. The person to be flipped climbs out on the end and an adult jumps onto the pillow "flipping" the other person into the air and into the water.

Aqua Mania Funnas is a summer must. Whether you do one session and spend the rest of the day exploring the Rockingham area, or book in for additional sessions and spend the day away on this beautiful beach - make sure you put this on your list of things to do this summer. Please check the Aqua Mania Funnas website (link below) for updated prices, times and for any promotional offers.

More information:

How to Get There: (near the Victoria Street end of the Rockingham Foreshore Reserve)

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 2nd January 2017

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