Baldivis Parks Estate Playground

Mini Trampolines * Half Court Basketball Court * Climbing Frame * Exercise Stations * Picnic Shelters * BBQ * No Toilets

Baldivis Parks Estate Playground is relatively new and is located in Baldivis Parks Estate. It is a small playground with minimal play features, but it's worth a visit if you live down that way or if you find yourself in the area.

Image credit: Instagram @kimbo_jones

As mentioned it's not a big playground but the most unique and fun feature is the 4 in build mini trampolines, obviously a popular feature with the kids, and definitely not something you see at most playgrounds

There is also a half court basketball court

Climbing Frame & Basket Swing

There are is a small piece of sand play equipment in the sand area also

There are two sheltered picnic tables and bbqs, but no toilets unfortunately

Baldivis Parks Estate is a small but fun playground, while it doesn't feature a traditional playground it has lots of other play features including the 4 mini trampolines and there is lots of room to run around.

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Candice, 3rd October, 2015

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