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Bali With Kids

Bali with kids, is a popular holiday choice for those living in Perth & Western Australia.  With direct flights from Perth, reaching Bali in just over 3 hours, and so many affordable options for family friendly accommodation and things to do - its no wonder Bali is such a popular holiday location for West Australians. 


There are certain preparations that should be made before you travel to Bali (or anywhere) to prevent the occurrence of adverse events, and to ensure that you and your family are prepared in the event an adverse event occurs.  Ensure you complete the following before your travels -

  • Obtain a letter from your doctor for any prescription medications you are carrying for yourself or your children.  The letter must state what the medication is, how much you will be taking and that it is for personal use of yourself or your child.
  • There is currently a Dengue Fever alert current for Bali. The infection usually presents as flu like symptoms and most recover fully with treatment.  However those infected may become more susceptible to the potentially fatal Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.  The best way to avoid Dengue Fever infection is to take measures to prevent being bitten by mosquito.  Ensure you apply insect repellent but be careful as not all insect repellents are suitable for young skin. Ensure you also re-apply as protection is reduced as repellent is washed off when swimming. 
  • Get your travel insurance! Important for anybody travelling, and even more important if you are travelling with children.  Travel insurance can provide you with financial and other assistance where there is a medical or other type of emergency.  It also protects you from theft of valuables, costs from travel delays and many other adverse events that can occur when you travel.  Carefully research your policy and ensure if provides adequate protection for you and your family.  
  • Book your baby equipment and organise for it to be delivered to your hotel.  Don't drag your pram and porta-cot through the airport - instead have them waiting for you when you arrive.  You can also book high chairs, sterilisers, potties, baby baths, play pens, walkers, play items, baby monitors and more! Contact to check availability and book your necessary travel baby equipment today.

Where To Stay

Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali announces the opening of its Family Paradise in September 2017. Previously known as Club Bali Mirage, the new complex is uniquely designed as a kids’ paradise with its 77 rooms and suites, indoor and outdoor playground, pool, water slide, kids club, and restaurants. We are proud to announce that Family Paradise is now fully open and guests may experience the whole new level of luxury at this family friendly resort. Read more...

Padma Resort Legian, Bali is a stunning resort in Bali that is a great place to stay with children.  They will love the lagoon and infinity pool, each with toddler splash areas, and Mums and Dads will love the swim up bar in each of the pools.  

There is a kids club that runs a great day time program with a different age appropriate activity on every couple of hours.  

The Padma Resort is a great options for families who are looking for a resort holiday that is picturesque, relaxing and most importantly fun! Read more ...

Places To Eat

Indo National Legian

Enjoy affordable cuisine from all over the world, with a combination of Aussie and Balinese hospitality.  Great place to eat with kids! Read more...

Places to Go

Miniapolis Play Centre - Beach Walk Shopping Centre, on JI. Raya Kuta (road that runs along the beach fron in Kuta). Entry US$10

Things To Do

The Baby Sea Turtle Race Kuta (Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Hatchery) - for just a donation you are handed a small container with your very own sea turtle.  Join with hundreds of other people on Kuta Beach to release your baby sea turtle into the ocean.  The one who's sea turtle makes it to the ocean first wins a prize. Map to Kuta Sea Turtle Hatchery

Here you can find the Bali Sea Turtle Society, and contrary to popular belief that many Balinese people only care about consuming turtle meat and eggs.  Many who care about turtle protection, include the local Balinese people.  

Baby turtles hatch in Bali between May and October.  So if you are in Bali around this time, head to the Kuta beach Sea Turtle Hatchery (map above) and find out how you can help release baby sea turtles by getting involved in the "Baby Sea Turtle Race"- for just a the cost of a donation!

Pictured: Giant turtle on Kuta Beach outside the Baby Sea Turtle Hatchery run by the Bali Sea Turtle Society.

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