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Bean Bag Cinema - Hoyts Southlands

We finally got to the Bean Bag Cinema at Hoyts Southlands (Willeton).  They had been showing a few kids movies that had been out for a couple of months for only $11 a ticket - so this rainy day we chose to finally go along and watch Monsters University, again! 

And we were so glad that we did, these big bean bags (each bean bag seats two adults) were so comfortable! It was so nice to kick the shoes off and lay back and enjoy the movie.  And there was something about this bean bag that made my little boy all snuggly, it was lovely watching a movie all snuggled together - and a great idea for a romantic night out for Mum and Dad too! 

According to the Hoyts Bean Bag Cinema Southlands website you can only order tickets in sets of two online and then you can book single tickets (if there are any left) when you arrive - however there were single tickets available for this screening, I think this was because the movie had been running for a couple of months it had been discounted.

And of course kids under 3 don't need a ticket but they will haveto to sit on your lap if there are no spare seats and you have not bought them a ticket.

We watched Monsters University for only $11 each, but this was discounted as the movie had been running for a few months.  You can also get discounted tickets on Tuesday!  Normally ticket prices are -

$42 for two adult tickets

$37 for an adult/child ticket

$32 for two child tickets

So you will pay a bit more to watch a new movie screening, however if you want to check it out and don't want to pay the price, wait until the movie has been out for a while then catch it at the Bean Bag Cinema for a fraction of the price! 

Much like Premier or Gold Class there are only a small amount of seats/bean bags in the cinemas so there is lots of room for the kids to move around.

Next to your beanbag is a table for your popcorn and snacks and there is a little cup holder at the bottom of the table for your drink.  We fit three of us (one adult and two kids) comfortably on one bean bag.

There is lots of room at the front - so if you have a little one that might want to get up and walk around during the movie, you might like to book at the front.  The kids all got up and had a little dance at the front after the movie - they loved it.

We highly recommend you try the Bean Bag Cinema even if it is a bit of a drive for you, the kids will love the different cinema experience - or if you are lucky enough to go to the movies without the kids treat yourself and try out the Bean Bag Cinemas.

Next time I will probably take a little pillow thought I just felt like I needed my head propped up a little bit.

Posted by Lauren, 26th August 2013, reviewed 12th August 2013

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