Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 - Find out more about Disney's newest hero Baymax and his team Big Hero 6!

In Cinemas Boxing Day 26th December

Big Hero 6 starts with two robotic genius Tadashi (Daniel Henney) helping to guide his younger brother Hiro (Ryan Potter) to apply his robotics skills by enrolling in the robotics school that he also attends. Big brother Tadashi is like a father to Hiro, as their parents died when they were young and they are now raised by the flamboyant Aunt Cass (Maya Rudolph).


Hiro must present a robotics idea to be accepted into the school – and his Microbots presentation is a hit and he is immediately accepted into the robotics school.

But the movie takes an early tragic turn with an explosion taking the life of Hiro’s brother, Tadashi.  This part of the movie is very sad as friends and family gather to say goodbye to Tadashi.  But things lighten up quickly when Baymax, a robot that Tadashi invented to be a health care companion to those who are injured or sick is unexpectedly activated.

Baymax is a naive robot, focussed on health care and not really practical in any other way – which makes for some hilarious conversations and situnations.  Hiro makes some alterations to Baymax – in order to get him to help him find the person who has stolen his Microbots.

As Baymax, Hiro and a team of Tadashi’s friends (who will go on to become Big Hero 6) ban together to find this person, they find out that the person they are after, is also responsible for taking the life of his brother.  Hiro is sent into a rage and seeks only revenge – but it isn’t long before he remembers why Tadashi created Baymax – and this is to help people. Their mission is to protect the city from the person that took the life of his brother and has stolen his Microbots for his own agenda.

Big Hero 6 is sad, funny and inspiring all in the one movie.  The antics of Hiro and Baymax are absolutely hilarious, and this movie was much loved by both my boys 4 & 8 yrs.  If your kids love super heroes they will love Big Hero 6 – this movie teaches us all about the hero that is within us and that you don’t have to super fit, strong and tall to be a hero, anyone can be a hero.

This movie should keep the interest of younger children and will also be enjoyed by older children and their parents too.

Big Hero 6 – 9/10

* Recommended for kids 2-12yrs * lots of laughs for parents * Some sad scenes * low level violence

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