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Blackthorn Park Playground Greenwood

Blackthorn Park Playground Greenwood Features: Naturebased Playground | Picnic Shelters | No Toilets | No BBQs | Deli/Coffee Across The Road

Blackthorn Park Playground was opened in June 2019 and features a nature based playground across from the small shopping complex on Cockman Road.

The main play structure is made from wood and the forts at the top can be accessed by a rope cargo net or sloping log ladder, with a slide back down. Monkey bars are also attached to the main play structure.

The playground has been placed amongst existing trees so features lovely natural shade.

Along with rocks and balancing logs there is a sand play area with tables and a sand scoop.

And of course a set of swings that includes a toddler swing.

Seating is well placed around the playground perfect for enjoying a coffee, available from the Continental Deli (open daily) across the road, while the kids play. Two picnic shelters are located about 20-30 meters either side of the playground. There are no toilets and no BBQs.

Blackthorn Park Playground is a lovely spot for a quiet play or to meet with friends and enjoy a play and a coffee.

How To Get There:

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 8th August 2019

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