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Braithwaite Park Nature Play Area Mt Hawthorn

Toddler Playground * Nature Play Area  * Water Play  * Flying Fox *  Mostly Fenced * Water Fountain * Toilets * BBQ * Cafe Across the Road * Recommended for all ages

Braithwaite Park Mt Hawthorn just got a whole lot better with the addition of a big nature play area in addition to the existing toddler playground. 

The Braithwaite Park Nature Play Area was designed kids 10-14yrs, by Yr 6 & 7 students from Mt Hawthorn PS. Its a great park if you have one of those bigger kids like mine that tends to say "this park is boring" about most the playgrounds we visit - this one got a very different response!  (Please note these photos were taken at the opening event so it was very busy)

Most popular was of course the double cable flying fox.

This one was another favourite of my bigger boy, kids need to climb the poles to access the net then they can stand on the platform in the middle. The height of this one was a bit of a thrill for him, but it really is for the bigger kids. He loved swinging off the ropes to get down too.

While this park is designed for kids 10-14yrs, there are lots of features the little ones will love too, just be prepared to need to closely supervise little ones. We are sure the water play feature will be popular with all the kids. There is a tap at the top and water runs through the troughs and through the creek below. Kids can wander through the creek over logs and rocks to see where the water goes.

Kids will loving going back and forth, climbing up the wooden forts and going across the rope bridge

These cubby houses will be awesome fun when the plants have fully grown over

And for the littler ones there is also a traditional playground in the park that is partially fenced

It's a great little playground for toddlers and preschoolers - love these lower monkey bars for little ones not yet confident to take on the big monkey bars

Braithwaite Park Mt Hawthorn also has toilets and a BBQ and lots of parking alongside the park, so it's a great place to catch up with friends and family. You can get coffee across the road too a Casa Bianchi. 

What to Bring: change of clothes for the water play

How to Get There:

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 20th June 2015

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