Build Your Instagram 

Are you a Perth or WA business who would like to engage with and market their business to more potential clients & customers without spending a cent?

Are you tired of posting on facebook and only a small percentage of likers seeing your posts?

Would you love the work you do on your social media to keep working for your business long after you have logged off?

Would you like to spend less time on social media and more time with family while still benefiting your business?

Would you like to know what you can do to make the advertising you pay for more effective? 

Want to get ahead of your competition on a fast growing social media platform?

Well Instagram currently measures 58 times more engagement than Facebook? (source

In 2014 Instagram users grew by 23% compared with 3% on Facebook (source - so Instagram is fast becoming a more popular and used social media platform

Yet so many business are not on Instagram or are not utilisting it to it's full potential - would you like to get ahead of you competition on Instagram?

Build Your Instagram for Perth & WA Business shows you how -

  • To set your Instagram up so that it instantly attracts followers and continues to attract followers even after you have logged off, in just under 60mins.
  • To get ahead of your competition on this fast growing social media platform 
  • Hashtags work and how you can use them the help people find your business even when you are offline
  • Set up your Instagram so it is more visible on Instagram keyword search results
  • You can set up your Instagram to make the advertising you pay for more effective

You may be worried that you already struggle to find the time for facebook nevermind also maintaining and Instagram  account. With the current engagement rates on Instagram you will find you are spending less time and receiving more response and engagement from your followers, than what you do from spending more time on facebook.  

Build Your Instagram for Perth & WA Business can also show you how to build an Instagram account that you can set and forget and still have work for your business or to set the foundation to start building your business Instagram following.

Once you've completed Build Your Instagram for Perth & WA Business you will also get access to our secret Facebook group where you can network with other Perth & WA businesses who are on Instagram, to ask questions, advice or possibly connect with complimentary businesses to collaborate on Instagram.

For a limited time get Build Your Instagram for Perth & WA for just $19 (RRP $29) and start building your Instagram following TODAY!

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* available for immediate download, link sent to email * file is in pdf format * file size 2.07MB * availabe for a max of 9 downloads, so please save file to a safe location * any issues with downloading the file email

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