Calleya Estate Playground Banjup

Huge Slide * Trampolines * Swings * Sensory Play * Nature Play * BBQs * Picnic Tables * Water Fountain * Bike Paths * Basketball Hoop

The Stockland developers have invested a whopping $1.8 million into Calleya Estate Playground Banjup. It includes a lot of original play equipment not seen at most playgrounds. The unmissable feature of the park is the sky-high slide, which is only accessible via a climbable rope netting all the way to the top. This slide is not for the faint-hearted!

There is a second smaller slide built into a soft-fall hill, which is better suited for the smaller kids, and has much easier access. 

The park also features sensory play with a few different musical instruments, which I have rarely seen at other parks. A large frog drum which operates via a pedal on the floor. 

Two sets of Bongo style drums. 

And a Praying mantis horn! 

There is a set of traditional swings in the centre of the playground, as well as a basket swing that is towards the back of the playground. 

Another great feature of this park, are the two built-in mini trampolines. The size of these mean only one child at a time can go on, and with soft fall around it there are minimal safety issues, so they can bounce until their hearts content.

There are a few horizontal wooden logs, as well as log steps and a few rocks to include a nature-based element to the playground. A lot of native mature trees and bushes have also been kept around the perimeter of the park. 

There are three large picnic tables which are undercover, along with a drinking fountain and barbeques, however there are no toilets. Also provided is a multipurpose basketball/netball court with hoops and a bike rack. Opposite the park is a large amount of un-shaded open grassed area suitable for other ball games. 

Calleya playground is a great park with something on offer for all age groups and is perfect for kids who like to explore and enjoy a bit of adventure.

What to Bring: Basketball, scooters/small bikes, soccer ball / football

How to Get There:

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Candice, 8th December 2015

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