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Cherrygum Dental

* Adults and Kids Dental Service * Games * Play Room * TV in Examination Rooms * Baby Change Table * Toilets (incl. toilet training seat

Cherrygum Dental, in Applecross, south of Perth, has made going to the dentist FUN! We went along today for a "My First Dentist Visit Session" - these run every Tuesday between 9.30-11.30am and bookings are essential.

During the "My First Dentist Visit Sessions" kids and parents can enjoy arcade games, colouring in, play doh, relax and read a book or play with toys in the play room, meet and mingle with the Tooth Fairy and enjoy some morning tea - oh and of course receive a dental checkup and chat with Dentist Troy!

We had a bit of fun playing all the games - and then it was time to see Dentist Troy, which was fun too!  He is wonderful with the kids, and takes a gentle and compassionate approach to kids dentistry - and is passionate about preventative dentistry to prevent then need for fillings in the future too.  We definitely loved the big TV on the ceiling with Cars 2 showing! 

The kids got a little gift from Troy which they got to pick from the box and of course there is also a sticker in it too! Then it was back out for Mum to fix up the $30 bill (which for us was 100% rebated from our Private Health Insurance) and the kids had a bit more of a play and we all enjoyed some morning tea.

Our visit to Cherrygum Dental was probably about  1 1/2 hrs, but I tell you we could spend more than $30 in 1 1/2 hours at Timezone! The kids had a fantastic time, there is a really fun, relaxed atmosphere, even once your appointment is done, there is no hurry to get out of the waiting room - the kids are welcome to hang around and play games and enjoy some morning tea.

"My First Dentist Visit" sessions are a great way to start with fun and happy dentist memories, which is the basis for long term effective dental health right through to adulthood.  They are also a good opportunity to help children overcome a previous traumatic dental experience, by replacing those memories with some fun ones!  

These sessions are a morning out in themselves - so they are great value at $30 (which can be claimed on Private Health Insurance if you have it) you can get the kids dental check-up, morning tea and quality family time all ticked off at the same time.

When: Every Tuesday morning at 9.30am-11.30am

How: Book your place by calling 6310 5555

Where: 23 Willcock St, Applecross

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Posted by Lauren, 12th November 2013