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This is a sponsored review that contains an honest and accurate account of our experience with an online Cluey Learning two session trial.

Cluey Learning is an online face to face live tutoring platform to help children Year 2 to 12 improve, keep up or excel in their school work inline with the Australian Curriculum and/or to help with NAPLAN preparation. They offered us a complimentary trial of their online tutoring program and we chose to use the two sessions to give my son Ben some additional support in reading and comprehension.

Before Cluey Learning got us set up, they asked some questions to help select the right tutor for Ben. They then set us up on the Cluey Learning Online Hub so we could manage Ben's profile and the session bookings plus make any changes to his session times or days should something come up.

When it came time for his session we were sent a link to click so he could conduct his session at our computer in the comfort of our home. His lovely tutor Josephine spent some time introducing herself, asking questions to get to know Ben and get him more comfortable with talking to her. She also talked about what they would cover in the session and set some tutoring goals, including the adding of some NAPLAN preparation. Additionally she mentioned that she would provide a feedback report after each session for his parents.


After the introduction and goal setting was done it was time to start his tutoring session. They started with some reading. All resources are provided by the tutor on the screen and the student can interact via the screen also. The tutor re-enforced what Ben did well and offered constructive instructions on how to improve on his process for determining pronunciation of words. She also complimented him on his ability to self correct.

Next Ben worked on some comprehension. As part of the pre-registration questions, Cluey Learning asked what subjects Ben liked most at school, (which other than Phys Ed, is Maths and Science) so the tutor incorporated some learning about science with his comprehension exercise. He read a piece about how the brain works then had to answer some questions about what he had just read. He really enjoyed this exercise and in fact talked about what he had learned with me after his session.

After this Ben, read a short passage from a Roald Dahl book then had to highlight the nouns and adjectives. He also learned what a protagonist is (which is the main character) and had to identify them in the passage. He was then asked to write his own sentence that included a protagonist, nouns and adjectives and was encouraged to work on using more describing words in his writing.

Before the end of the session Josephine asked Ben to summarise what he had learned and reminded him of the things he didn't include in his summary.  At the conclusion of the session he was prompted to leave a review using emojis and some short sentences in his own words, which he also loved doing himself. I was sent a report after the session that detailed what was covered, Ben's strengths and areas for improvement as well as Ben's feedback on the session.

After the session was completed I received some feedback questions to allow me the opportunity to make any recommendations for improvement of Ben's session and I also received a report from Ben's tutor about what he did well and the areas they will focus on together. Ben also openly spoke with me about what he learned during the session and expressed confidence in his learning abilities and the new things he had learned. 

Cluey Learning provides a simple and effective English, Mathematics, Chemistry and NAPLAN tutoring option for my children whether it be ongoing or just when they require additional support. I can schedule their sessions at a time that suits us and do them in the comfort of our home, make changes easily if things come up and can have sessions customised to the educational needs and interests of my child. Their progress is available to me via the reports emailed to me and posted in my children's personalised online hub also. Cluey Learning helps me get on with all the other things in life I need to do while also feeing proactive in supporting my child's learning outside of school hours and confident that I have outsourced this task to professional tutors that also keep me updated on my child's progress each week.

Head to Cluey Learning’s website where you can find more information about how they can help your child and to save 20% if you are a new customer.

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