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Dianella Playspace

Playground | Nature Play | Water Play | Multi Sports Court | Toilets | BBQ's | Picnic Shelters | Water Fountain | Large Grassed Area | Cycle/Foot Paths | Recommended for Kids 12months+ 

The exploration part of the Dianella Playspace, on Light St in Dianella, looks a little bit like something out of the game Minecraft! There is a nature / climbing area made with limestone blocks,  you can a little "cave" here too! Could be a good park for a Minecraft theme party!?

There is only a small little traditional playground structure here, it's under the only shade there is an is more for toddlers and preschoolers - a bit small for the bigger kids.

There is also a large birds nest swing here.

In the climbing area where all the blocks are there is a climbing wall, a "cave", nature play and some balancing & swinging type play equipment that is a bit different than your average playground.  It's definitely a good park for the little adventurer! But there are some big drops and falls in this area so it's really only for bigger kids or under very close supervision

This water play feature was also very popular with the little ones.  It has a manual pump and kids love filling the trough up with water and sand and making mud - might want to bring a spare change of clothes along it you think your little one may like this! 

On the road side of the playground about 50m's from the playground is a multi sports court - with a basketball ring, netball ring and soccer ring - perfect for a sports party! There is a really wide path that takes you from the play area to the sports court which is great for riding bikes or scooters.

Dianellla Playspace pretty much has it all with a great play area, large grassed area, toilets, BBQ's picnic shelters and sports court - probably just lacks a little in the shade department, but other than that it makes the perfect place for a family gather, catch up or just to wear out the kids.

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How to Get There: Light St, Dianella (just off Morley Drive)

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