Disney’s Tomorrowland Movie Review

Disney's Tomorrowland Movie Review - imagine a world, in another dimension where the future is now!

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Imagine a world, in anotherdimension, where all the dreamers are put in one place to bring their ideas tolife to make the world a better place to live – this is Tomorrowland where thefuture is now.

But just as young dreamer andinventor Frank discovers Tomorrowland he soon realises that Tomorrowland maynot be all it’s made out to be – and the story moves to a time many yearslater, to Casey (Britt Robertson) a young die hard optimist who will doanything to help save her father’s job as a NASA Engineer, as she believes heis destined to do amazing things.

It’s her actions and attitudethat see her chosen not only to visit Tomorrowland but, unbeknown to her, to also save the world.  In her quest to find outmore about this Tomorrowland which she has only seen a glimpse of by touching aspecial pin, she is thrown together with, now older Frank (GeorgeClooney),  and is insistent that he takeher back there, not really knowing why other than a feeling she has that she ismeant to go there.

Tomorrowland challenges ourcurrent perceptions of the future – when is it that our perception of thefuture turned from flying cars and jet packs to a world filled with disasterlike melting ice caps, famine and earthquakes? What could the world be if wejust stopped feeding the negative wolf?

This movie is complicated inits story line, you’ll find yourself second guessing your understanding of what’sgoing on and whether you do in fact understand it at all – which is always the waywith movies that delve in the realm of time and space travel, they can be alittle hard to follow the first time you watch.

There’s quite a bit of Spy Kidstype action. Older children will enjoy this action as well as the futuristicworld which is much like an amusement park, but the story line may be lost onyounger children. There are also some mature themes especially around thebelief of whether or not your day of death is predetermined – so it is forthese reasons that we recommend this movie for older children.

Thank you to Disney forinviting us along for this special Gold Class preview – I thoroughly enjoyed the movie,and it did challenge me to think about the future with more optimism and tothe role of our thoughts, positive and negative, and how they might shape the future.

We think that older kids andtheir parents will love this movie – and even if you don’t have kids get alongand see it, you’ll love it!

Kids Around Perthgives Tomorrowland 8/10

Recommended 8 yrs + * Medium Level Violence *  High Action * Mature Themes * No Coarse Language

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