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For The Dads

Attention Dads! Here is your virtual man cave where you can find information, articles and a good old late night laugh just for you. Mums we are sure you will find this insight into the Daddy perspective of parenting interesting and fun too - some of it funny and some of it a little disturbing perhaps. Mums you are welcome to read along but do so at your own risk.

Dadding Every Day School Holidays Pain - the 5 Stages

I hate school holidays. They absolutely kill me. They deprive me of my routine and my sanity and I really don’t like it.

During term time, between the hours of 8:30am-3pm, five year old Focker #1 becomes someone else’s problem. I can offload him at school 5 days a week, knowing full well that he is going to be cared for, educated and exercised before being returned to me in a disheveled but happy state at 3pm. During that time I can dedicate all of my energy and attention to keeping Focker #2 happy, rested, nourished, and out of juvenile detention. Read more...

Dadding Every Day The New Shoe Diaries

They lasted nearly twelve months of being scuffed, dragged and scraped along the bitumen. But after an overwhelming combination of being filled with sand, mud and of course, ever-expanding five year old feet, we decided that it was time to treat Focker #1 to a new pair of shoes this week. As the custodian of the domestic portfolio in our family, the task was mine.  Read more...

Dadding Every Day - Mother's Day

I was doing the daily school pick up last week and found myself chatting to one of the alpha dads. He’d finished work at the steel mill early that day so that he could “babysit” his kids for the afternoon. The conversation turned towards the upcoming Mothers Day and our respective plans. Knowing that I am a SAHD, this pinhead asked whether my kids would be doing anything special for me on Mothers Day. Read more...

Dadding Every Day Talks Party Bags

I’ve been on the five year old birthday party circuit with Focker #1 lately, clocking up at least one or two birthday parties most weekends. They’re all similar but different at the same time. Dress ups / no dress ups. In a park / at someone’s home. Superman cake / Frozen cake. Pass the parcel / musical statues. Stressed mum / stressed mum. Read more...

Rock-a-bye Your Balls by Guest SAHD Blogger @daddingeverday

I love the Wiggles.  Whether it’s the original Wiggly quartet with their big red car and their ‘middle aged white man’ choreography, or if it’s Wiggles 2.0 with their more socially acceptable gender balance, inter-wiggly romances and professionally trained dancing, I love them all. Read more...

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