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7 Ideas To Make This Mother's Day in Perth the FUNNEST Day Ever! 

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be all dining out and flowers – why not do something different and get her heart racing this Mother’s Day 2014 in Perth, by taking her on an adventure of a lifetime.

You can take your Mum to lunch anytime – why not take her breath away, get the wind in her hair and give her a Mother’s Day she’ll talk about for weeks!

And what more could a Mum want than to have awesome fun day out with the ones she loves the most! 

Here are some Mother's Day Ideas to make her go.....


Get Mum hanging upside down on the Abyss Rollercoaster at Adventure World

Adventure World have extended their season so it is open Mother's Day!

Let her get the wind in her hair on a Flying Fox at one of Perth’s awesome flying fox playgrounds 

Find a list of playgrounds right across Perth with awesome flying foxes here

Challenge her to a game of Laser Tag at Dark Light Laser Games Joondalup 

I'll bet Mum hasn't done this since she was in school! Find out about session times at Dark Light Joondalup (and family if you are reading my posts, this is what I want to do!)

Race each other down the heated water slides at Outback Splash at The Maze Family Fun Park Bullsbrook

The Maze Family Fun Park have extended the Outback Splash season by installing water heaters, so even if its not hot you can still have some super waterslide fun!

Race her up 222 steps to the top of the Leaning Tower of Gingin at the Gravity Discovery Centre

Fill up a water balloon and then race her up all 222 steps & 45m to the top of the Leaning Tower of Gingin at the Gravity Discovery Centre and see who’s water balloon hits the ground first

Flip, bounce, jump and roll at Bounce Inc Trampoline Park Cannington

Everyone loves trampolines including MUMS! So why not let your bounce off the walls on over 100 interconnected trampolines until her hearts content on her special day! Head to Bounce Inc to find out more

Spot for dolphins the put her feet up to enjoy a movie with Mandurah Cruises and Reading Cinemas

If your Mum’s not a thrills and spills sort of Mum, she may still enjoy the thrill of seeing dolphins in Mandurah and then putting her feet up at a movie – cruise & movie tickets are available from Mandurah Cruises

Now if you have any trouble getting her to take on one of these adventure challenges, do her a deal and offer to wash her car for a month or do the dishes for a week if she does your challenge! 

Do Mum a favour and give her the gift of WOOHOO! this Mother's Day - it'll be a fun day the whole family will enjoy and remember for years to come!

If you could choose to do one thing this Mother's Day in Perth what would it be!? Is it one of the ideas above or something else... let us know and drop a subtle hint to your family at the same time! 

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