G.O Edwards Park Burswood

G.O Edwards Park Burswood Features: Nature Based Playground |Lake Walk | Toilets | Water Fountain | Picnic Tables | BBQs | Cafe Nearby

G.O Edwards Park Burswood got an upgrade mid 2018 that included this beautiful playground under the beautiful shade of this nature rich park.

The playground is located right alongside a beautiful lake with open access to the edge, which is lovely for some nature exploration but is not ideal if you have a runner, so keep this in mind.

Nature play is a dominant feature of this playground, which fits perfectly with this inner city natural reserve. With lots of wooden logs and a giant log piece that looks like maybe it's a shark or a fish?

The big red enclosed slide provides for a bit of adventure with a hill climb to reach the top before sliding back down again.

The play area also features sand play, talk tubes and swings.

On the playground side of the lake is a wooden viewing deck with "peep" holes to look out onto the lake. Bring the scooters or small bikes along and enjoy a round the lake walk or ride. 

The play area is quite small but this makes it easy to keep an eye on the kids especially with the water so close by. Come for a play or stay a while longer with bbqs, picnic tables and toilets located at G.O Edwards Park Burswood. 

Parking is ticketed but the first hour is free, you just need to get your free ticket from the machine in the carpark. Coffee With A Twist is nearby (open Mon-Fri) and is located a bit further down on Burswood Road. The family friendly Blasta Brewing is just a short drive from the playground too. 

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 8th July 2018

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