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Galaxy Drive In Kingsley

Perth's  Only Drive In * Closed Mondays * Cash Only * Two Movies On Fri-Sun * CASH Only

Having been an avid Drive In movie watcher in my youth, I was so happy to learn that the Galaxy Drive Ins in Kingsley were still operating. When I heard that that the Pirates Band of Misfits movie was playing in the school holidays, we just had to go along. I was just a little bit excited about showing my son how we used to watch movies back in the day (OMG feeling old!)

At $20 per car on Tuesday nights, we didn't need much more to motivate us to go along and check it out, but boy I did not expect it to be so busy! We were told to make sure we get there much before the 7pm start.  The gates opened at 6pm and we arrive at 6.10pm and we were greeted with this

We were at least 100+ cars back, but none the less this built up the excitement and anticipation and we were in, in plenty of time to get set up and settle in to see the movie. Even with all these cars there were still a handful of parking spaces available, but make sure you get there as the gates open to have the best chance of getting a parking space.

Now just in case you are wondering you don't hook the old radio onto the window any more, you are given a radio channel to tune into.

 ...Get there early and grab a pizza on the way! Remember the mattress and pillows if you have a wagon! 

Before the movie there is zero lighting so the car parking areas are pitch black. Make sure you drive very slowly and ensure kids stay along side the car until everyone is settled. Movies screen every night except Monday, and there are two movies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights,. Don't forget about cheap Tuesday only $20 per car. Make sure you have cash, they don't have EFTPOS.

They have a little cafe that has basic foods like hot dogs, chips and of course popcorn. We brought all our food along, but bought a bottle of water which was only $2 - so it seems to be reasonably priced (compared with traditional movie theatre food and drink!). Check the website for prices - entrance fees vary on the weekends - kids under 4 get in for free.

You'll be pleased to know that getting out at the end of the movie was no where near as long as the time to get in, with two gates open we drove straight out 5 mins after the movie.

What to Bring?

CASH! No Eftpos availalbe

If you have a wagon or ute definitely make sure you put a mattress and lots of pillows in the back so you can snuggle up and watch the movie.

It is very dark, there is no additional lighting before or after the movie so bring a torch along to use to guide you to the toilets or cafe in the dark.

We did notice a little bit of broken glass around so make sure kids wear shoes when outside the car at all times

Glow bracelets are not only fun but make your child more visible while walking to the toilets and cafe in between cars in the dark.

If you want to save some money bring along your own drinks, popcorn and lollies - the prices in the kiosk are very reasonable compared with a traditional movie candy bar however

For more information and to check out session times go to , and a big THANKS to Galaxy Drive In for keeping a piece of the good old days alive!

Posted by Lauren, 10th May 2012 | Reviewed 20th April 2013

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