Ghostbusters Movie Review (PG)

Ghostbusters 30 years on. Find out how Sony Pictures have brought this iconic film into the 21st Century!


As a Ghostbusters fan from way back I was very intrigued to see how the new Ghostbusters compared to the iconic 80’s classic! I had also heard it was a little scary – so wasn’t sure about taking my 10 year old along but none the less we prepared ourselves, put our brave pants on and went along. The rumours were right it was pretty scary at the start with a couple of horror style scenes to get you out of your seats.  These ghosts are not like the cute little white ghost in the logo, they are full screaming, skeletal, green goo vomitting spirits that are in no way friendly – so keep this in mind if you are taking children along. This really is the stuff nightmares are made of.

After all the ghost scaring stuff is done things calm down a bit as we meet the team who will soon be dubbed The Ghostbusters after paranormal activities in the area are on a noticable increase. While the movie features cameos from the original (surviving) cast members (including the Marshmallow Man & Slimer), a few in house jokes and of course some familiar props including the Ghostbusters logo and song, the movie is really not comparable to the one of old. With an all female Ghostbusters team and new plot, Michelle McCarthey, Kirsten Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones form the Ghostbusters line up and are all hilarious and are prove that women can put their smarts and toughness together to save the world, just as well as, and if not better than the boys.

Chris Hemsworth plays Kevin, their air head receptionist”.  Ahhh Chris… let’s just say that his character really feels kind of out of place for most of the movie (until his body and mind is taken over by the evil villan and he starts lifting heavy things). Oh but who cares that’s the whole irony of this movie – it’s our job to appease the director and just enjoy what Chris brings to the movie. Hotness and… well that’s it, hotness. No really his dumbness is pretty hilarious too, it’s just such a stark contrast to the strong roles Chris usually plays.

It’s all paranormal, high energy activity towards the end as the world is at the mercy of a lifetime of ghosts relased to wreak havoc on and destory New York City and this team of ghost busting gals who must firstly get past the non believing politicians and other authority figures before they can get the job done and save the world.

So lastly, some may be wondering if this is more of a chick flick? Hard to say not being a man myself, but it would certainly make a great date night movie, and is definitely a good one for a girls night – but it’s not your typical soppy chick flick so I think that guys would love it too,

For the older generation, you’ll get some nostalgia from the movie but for the now younger generation we hope that this new Ghostbusters becomes as inconic for your as the original Ghostbusters is for us.  My 10yo boy loved the movie although he did say he hid his eyes for the first 10mins through the scary bits, so we recommend this movie only for older children.

Kids Around Perth gives Ghostbusters 8.5/10

Several Scary/Horror Scenes * Adult Themess * High Level Action * Lots of Adult Laughs * Coarse Language * Sexual References * Recommended for 10yrs+

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