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Gravity Discovery Centre Gingin

* Science Centre * Tower Climb * Closed MONDAYS * Cafe * Toilets * Recommended for kids 3yrs + * Mostly Pram/Disabled Accessible * Approx 15mins from Yanchep

The Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin is like the Scitech of Perth’s far north, but with a focus on all things the universe, space & gravity.  The GDC is located about an hours drive north of Perth – and about 10-15mins from the Wanneroo Rd, Yanchep turn off.

Inside the main building are individual hands on science experiments and displays, (much like Scitech) with interactive things that teach kids about science, space and the universe. Check out the giant slinky & Bernoulli Ball that floats in mid-air.  Here you can also find out how much you would weigh on each of the planets!

Outside this building – our kids particularly enjoyed throwing tennis balls into the top of the large funnel (accessed from the 2nd storey) and watching them go round and round, to collect them at the bottom and throw them back in again.

There is also a 1km bush walk through the solar system.  Each step representes ~6 million kilometres,  each life like model planet is spaced out on the walk exactly to scale!

And before you go make sure you head over to the Leaning Tower of Gingin ($1 coin donation to enter the turnstile gate).  At the bottom you can fill water balloons (provided) – carry them all the way to the top, then drop them down the chute and watch them fall all the way to the bottom.

The 45 metre tall tower is on a 15deg lean and will take you 222 steps to reach the top. The view from the top of Wallingup Plains all the way to the Darling Scarp is no less than breathtaking.

In the main building you can also find Stargazers Café that do Devonshire Teas, light meals, snacks & drinks. They have a great range to choose from at good prices. The Gingin Observatory is right next to the GDC also, so you can book a stargazing experience here also – or maybe buy that special someone a star gazing experience with a child, adult or family star gazing voucher.

Safety Considerations: We recommend reconsidering your visit during very high to catastrophic fire danger days as the centre is completely surrounded by bush and located deep into the bushland.  You can find todays fire danger status at

If are further north and are looking for a Scitech alternative or want to head a bit out of the city for the day, then the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin is perfect.  It's also great for a stop for some lunch or a snack at the Stargazers Cafe, if you are driving north, or coming back from Lancelin, Moore River or Jurien way.

Age recommendation: A lot of the science activities and outdoor activities are more suited to kids 3 years and older, our 2 yo at the time enjoyed it but required a lot of assistance for the activities and need to be lifted up to reach some of the activities.

Costs: Family Pass Available - see entry fees on website (link below)

More Information:

How to Get There: 1098 Military Rd, Gingin

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