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iPhone App Review

Welcome to the Kids Around PerthTM iPhone App Review page.  If your household is like ours with mulitple iphones, ipads and ipods, you will appreciate a good app that saves you money, save you time or keeps the kids entertained!

Here are some reviews of apps that we love and because they make our lives easier and more fun! 

Safe Runner

Safe Runner is a new app (launched May 2013) by a Perth mother, who thought while running out early in the morning one day, it would be great if she could quickly activate some sort of alarm if she got into trouble while out running alone.

Safe Runner is your exercise and security companion all in one.  With features to track distance, and calories, and include you emergency contact - so that you can easily send a distress message by simply pulling your earphones out!

If you are a women who walks, run or exercises alone at anytime of the day, this app at only $1.99 is a must have!

If you accidentally activate the alarm by pulling out your headphones you have 10 secs to plug them back in before the message is sent.  And if you do intentionally activate the alarm, not only is a message sent to your emergency contact phone, with your exact gps location, but it will take 15 secs of video footage and send this also.

Once you have activated your alarm a screen also shows that the phone is being tracked (see image below), you may be able to use this to deter your attacker and scare them off! 

And useful in so many other applications, driving alone late at night, working alone, home alone while partner at work - and can raise the alarm not just in the event of an attack by a person, but if you are bitten by a snake or a dog or example.  

Safe Runner also has some great exercise features, it tracks your distance and calories and can be put in run, walk or pram mode.  It also tracks your statistics so you can monitor your progress.

For $1.99 this app is a no brainer for all women! Also great for teenagers who walk to school, or anyone who walks alone at any time.  Please share with your friends too! This app may save the life of someone you love!

You can download this app instantly at - avaliable for iPhone & Android

Cheap Fuel WA

Straight up, this app will save you heaps of money! The $1.99 cost is a no brainer. Don't even waste your time with the free apps, they are difficult to use, full of bugs and are inaccurate.

The Cheap Fuel WA app is bug free, easy to use, full of features and accurate.

I purchased the cheap fuel app one day after paying $1.59 per litre - I checked the reviews and this had one had the best ratings.

Essentially the Cheap Fuel WA app finds where you are and shows the prices of petrol stations nearest to you.  It looks much like a google map and has pins where petrol stations are located.  

  • Red is the most expensive
  • Purple is the middle price
  • Green pin is the cheapest.

With fuel prices still above $1.50 at my local petrol station, I used the app several days later to find cheaper fuel.  I needed to travel from Doubleview to Kwinana and the fuel at my usual petrol station was $1.599!  

I scrolled over my travel path and saw a green pin next to the price $1.439, just a few minutes drive off the freeway - and it was the Caltex / Woolworths in South Lake so I got another 8c off - $1.359.  This ended up being a saving of 24c per litre! (with a 70 litre tank that is over $16!)

If you use your app to research for cheapest fuel when your tank gets to 1/4 you'll have the time and distance to plan to fill up at a cheaper priced petrol station!  Best of all it has an option that you can switch to see tomorrow's  prices so you can plan where to fill up the next day.

It also has several other cool features!

  • You can choose your fuel type ie leaded, unleaded, diesel etc
  • You can enter your vouchers so you know when they are due to expire
  • Change the region to the relevant WA country town

Since purchasing the app I have found that some days it is cheaper to go to a petrol station with cheaper fuel that doesn't accept vouchers than it is go to to Caltex or Coles Express with an 8c voucher because their prices were so high.

This app has paid for itself 10 times over already and helps me plan filling the car.  I cannot fault this app or think of how it could be improved, it really is good value, you wont be disappointed.  I have also found the prices to be accurate, not once have I found a discrepancy between the app price and the price at the pump.

We give this app 5 stars! Highly recommended, and if used with a little bit of planning will save you lots of money! 

Download Cheap Fuel WA App for iPhone here!

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