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Jasper Green Reserve Cottesloe

Playground * Exercise Stations * Basketball Hoop * Tennis Wall * Football Goals * Water Fountain * Street Parking * Dog Exercise Park * No Toilets * No BBQs

Jasper Green Reserve Cottesloe is a beautiful shady park that is pefect for active families with lots of features for the whole family to play and be active together. 

This park has a great little playground with good shade and lots of natural shade around the playground too.

There are also lots of active play and exercise features in the park - like a basketball hoop

Footy goals and exercise equipment

And a wall to hit the tennis ball against

There is lots of room to run around on the grass and this is a designated dog exercise park, so if you are a fur family it's also a great park for you all to have a run around. This is a truly beautiful park with lovely green well kept grass and loads of shade.

What to bring: basketball, tennis racquet and ball, football or soccerball

How to Get There:

Want information and a map to take you the Jasper Green Reserve while you are on the go?! Then get the Kids Around Perth App today and find it under Playgrounds.

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, February 22nd 2016

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Can't find what you are looking for? Try searching here

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