Jimbub Swamp Park Tapping

Jimbub Swamp Park Tapping Features: Playground * Big Grassed Area * Exercise Stations * Dogs Allowed (Off The Lead) * Picnic Tables * Footpaths * Bush Walk (Dogs On The Lead) * No Toilets

Jimbub Swamp Park features a great fully shaded playground with play strucutre & slide, balancing rope swing, climbing frame and swings.

Families who like to be active together will love Jimbub Swamp Park. The playground is alongside a large circular oval area, with exercise stations around  the outside and a pathway that runs right the way around, perfect for riding a small bike or scooter. 

So pack up the bikes, scooters and a soccer ball and head to Jimbub Swamp Park with the kids for a morning or afternoon of play and exercise -  you can even bring the family dog along.

How To Get There: 

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 16th July 2016

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