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Kids First Aid With Confident Hands First Aid

Courses from $50pp * Parents First Aid (Kids Welcome) * Basic First Aid * Senior First Aid * CPR Re-qualification * They Come To You *  Min 2 Persons

Parents First Aid is a must, not just for parents and caregivers but for everyone.  You never know when your first aid skills will be called upon - to save your own child, to save a friends child, to save a niece or nephew or to save the life of a stranger.  Don't wait until you have a near miss (or worse) to get it done!

Emergencies can occur at any time and first aid for children in some situations can be different than that for adults. Even if you have done senior first aid, there are aspects of child first aid that are specific to the response required for children.

A parents first aid course with Confident Hands First Aid does not only give you the skills to react confidently in an emergency or urgent situation but gives you an action plan to make changes to your home and day-to-day family practices to prevent incidentsand to minimise the impact of an emergency or urgent situation through family emergency preparedness and first aid skills.

Having completed a child first aid course 2 years earlier, I thought this course would just be a refresher - but  I learned lots of new things about emergency preparedness, injury prevention and of course the first aid skills required to respond to many emergency or urgent situations involving a child.  Tthis included first aid considerations for pregnant women too, that I did not know before.  There was information and considerations that were very enlightening and it was frightening to think that I didn't know beforehand.

So enough of all the serious stuff, this 3 hour kids first aid training course with Confident Hands First Aid, is far from boring! But before I talk more about that you need to know a bit more about Confident Hands First Aid trainer, Nicole Grame.

Nicole is a nurse of 20 years (including 10 years in emergency departments).  She has two young children, both in primary school, and has had her fair share of at home injuries with her children, in which she admits her nursing skills go out the window and her motherly panic sets in.  She is very relatable and knows about the immediate feelings of parents in particular when they see their child injured or seriously unwell, and ensures that she gives you the skills and the knowledge to help your child or any other child with confidence.

Nicole encourages parents to bring their children along to her courses - she believes that emergency preparedness is a family effort.  She engages children in the training in a fun way, by involving them in bandaging activities (which is also great to desensitize them in the event they need bandages for a future injury). She also sings and moves to funny rhymes that leave you singing "000 - get down low and go go go" - she's not scared of getting in touch with her inner child to make her course fun for parents, adults and children a like.

She covers a range of topics in the 3 hour course that include -

  • overview of after hours medical facilities in the near vicinity
  • how to ensure your mobile phone is included in your emergency plan
  • poisons
  • snake bites
  • spider bites
  • bandaging for bites, bees stings, breaks and bleeding
  • putting together your own first aid kit
  • nose bleeds
  • first aid considerations for pregnant women
  • home emergency planning
  • fire equipment for the home
  • anaphylatic reaction
  • allergies
  • safe introduction of food to baby
  • internal bleeding
  • head bleeds
  • shock
  • skull fractures
  • burns
  • croup
  • choking
  • and more....

If you have not done a child first aid course in the last 6 months make sure you book one today! There are no excuses with Confident Hands First Aid!

Can't organise a group? That's ok - Confident Hands First Aid can run courses for 2 people up to 10 people (groups of >10 can be arranged).  This makes a Confident Hands First Aid Course a great gift for a couple with a new baby on the way (contact Confident Hands First Aid and ask about a gift voucher)

Not enough room in my house for a group? You can host your course at a local playground or park of book a room at your local library.

I don't have kids? Do you have nieces and nephews? Do you friends have kids? Kids are precious no matter what  - you never know when you may need to save the life of a child you don't know.  

I don't have anyone to look after the kids! Bring them along - Nicole involves them in the training and encourages parents to bring children along.  They one day may need to save your life so, bring them along so they can learn in a fun and engaging way.

After the course you not only leave with improved knowledge and skills to handle an emergency - but you also receive a pack filled with the information you need to implement an action plan to improve your families emergency preparedness.

With a Confident Hands First Aid Parents First Aid Course they come to you and it is affordable, flexible, fun, educational, inspiring and enlightening - you are sure to walk away with lots of information that you will be shocked you didn't know.

Confident Hands First Aid Training is also a Registered Training Organisation so can offer certified Basic First Aid, Senior First Aid and CPR Recertification and a very competitive price.

You can also ask Confident Hands First Aid about a gift voucher to give for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, to a new Mum or any other occassion. What could be more valuable that giving the gift of skills to possible one day save a life!

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"Thoroughly enjoyed the course! The little songs are stuck in my head! 000 and go go go!" Renee, Perth, WA

"The course covered a serious topic of child safety in a fun interactive manner. As a mum of a newborn who is very sleep deprived Niicole was funny, interactive and enthusiastic which helped me maintain concentration and learn a lot. Nicole was extremely knowledgeable and used her own experiences to teach different skills and also teach us great ways to get the kids involved, such as fun practice drills and silly phrases that kids love. Would highly recommend this course to other mums to learn about a serious, important topic and skills in a fun way" Natalie, Applecross, Perth WA

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course run by Nicole, she had a brilliant, quirky way of presenting and the 3 hours flew by! I liked the way the course focussed on first aid for children, it was so relevant for me as the mum of a toddler and a newborn. I learnt so much. It has given me so many good ideas on how to be prepared for an emergency and also how to prepare my children should there be an accident at home. I think it is something that all parents should do, even if it is just to refresh your memory or skills- it's only 3 hours and you can take your kids with you!" Rebekah, Marmion, Perth, WA

"I really enjoyed the fact that i was able to bring my 2yo and it was in a friends home, relaxed and very comprehensive, I will definitely do it in my own home with my husband and with our older kids present. The catchy songs/phrases to help remember important information was funny & fantastic!" Amy, Yanchep, Perth, WA

"Loved the session & was very thorough! I'll be getting my first aid kit sorted out properly now & teaching the family what to do in an emergency"  Berenice, Kallaroo, Perth, WA

See the video of kids enjoying some guidance from Confident Hand First Aid Trainer Nicole, it's important for kids to learn first aid and emergency response too! 

Posted by Lauren, 19th March 2013, updated May 18th, 2015

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