Lego Movie Review

We've spent decades awaiting this moment, but Lego Movie is finally here! And it was worth waiting for!

This movie captures all the Lego fads over the generations with the very new characters as well as the old classics like the good ol spaceman who's spacesuit is all worn and his helmet is cracked, featuring in the movie. It's bright, and action packed right up until the end so is bound to capture the attention of kids of all ages.

The movie starts with the very "groundhog day" life of Emmet (Chris Pratt), a construction worker dressed in safety orange.  He lives life to the instructions, and as you will be singing for the next week or so too, thinks that "everything is awesome".

But as fate would have it, Emmet stumbles, literally, into a front row seat of an adventure that sees him become responsible for saving the world from the evil President Business (Will Farrel) who's assisted by Good Cop/Bad Cop who's more Bad Cop (Liam Neeson), and his weapon of choice "The Kraggle" AKA super glue.

He's guided by the mystifying Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) who soon realises Emmet is not "The Special" prophesised to be the one to save the world.

Batman (Will Arnett) plays a large role in the fight to stop President Business and plays Wyldstyle's boyfriend - and was the hand's down favourite for my 3yo superhero mad boy. He also has quite a few funny one liners, and the whole movie is not short on laughs with jokes for the grown ups the whole way through.

President Business is the badie in this movie and he is no more than a Lego character dressed up as a business man with a bit of any angry face, so there are no real scary characters in ths movie.

At the end the movie we are reminded that Lego is more than just millions of little, colourful pieces that are really annoying to pick up and REALLY hurt when you step on them.... sorry I digress.... but that they are the glue that joins generations of kids and that there isn't anything we can imagine that can't be brought to life with Lego.

And for kids that have grown up with Lego (that's you parents) and now have kids of their own, we are encouraged to put the instructions aside, dust of that imagination out and connect with our kids, because Lego is fun but its way more fun when families build together.  Lego is a great way to nurture your child's imagination and remind them that there is nothing they can't do if they just give it a go.

Lego Movie has definitely reignited my kids love for Lego and motivated me to have a family Lego night at least once a week - we hope you enjoy this movie as much as we did.

Lego Movie - 9 1/2 /10!

* Recommended for kids 2yrs + * some kissing * lots of action * some low level violence * no scary scenes or characters  * lots of laughs for the grown ups

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