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Legoland Malaysia is the closest Legoland to us in Perth and is only a short 50km away from downtown Singapore. It’s definitely worth considering a side trip to Legoland if you are already visiting Singapore, as it is closer to Singapore than it is to Kuala Lumpur.

How to get there (from Singapore):

There are a few travel options to get to Legoland from Singapore. I did a lot of research into finding an option that would be easy and hassle-free. We ended up doing a private car transfer, which is the most expensive option, but we chose it for several reasons:

  1. Pickup is from anywhere in Singapore and takes you direct to Legoland;
  2. We could remain in the air conditioned car while going through the two immigration checkpoints - 1 to exit Singapore and 1 to enter Malaysia. The driver had all the necessary forms and we could fill them in on the way. This was the main deciding factor. It meant we didn’t have to wrangle 3 kids and luggage inside customs and wait in line with a lot of other people (which is the case if you travel by bus); and
  3. We could get the transfer at the time of our choosing. The charter buses tend to only depart early in the morning and do multiple pickups along the way.

The private transfer cost just over $100AUD each way. For us, it was worth the cost. We booked through Klook, but Legoland hotel also offer private transfer at an additional cost when you book through their website.

We were picked up at the exact time we had booked, by a fairly new Hyundai Starex. The car was nice, roomy and comfortable. The trip took us about 45 minutes including the time to clear customs. It was really quick, easy and fuss-free. We saw about 6 buses parked up at immigration when we went through, which cemented our decision to choose a private car over the bus. Can you imagine waiting in line with 3 kids and 6 bus loads of other people?

Legoland Hotel

Through the Legoland hotel website we booked a 3 night package which included breakfast each morning, and we added on a 2-day multipass which gave us unlimited entry to both Legoland and the Water park for 2 days.

As we pulled up to the Legoland hotel, our excitement grew. The outside of the hotel was covered in colourful LEGO bricks and there were a few giant Lego figures.

Once inside we were welcomed by the most AWESOME hotel lobby ever. The kids were in Lego heaven! There were two large Lego block pits around a person-sized Lego castle and pirate ship. The kids immediately jumped in and started building their own creations, while hubby was able to check-in hassle free and minus the typical kid whining by his side. Over our time at the Legoland hotel, many hours were spent building Lego in the lobby. The favourite seemed to be building swords and shields and then having a play fight. It was amazing to see kids from all over the world brought together by Lego.

After checking in and a play in the lobby we headed up to our room. Most of the elevators play music and have disco lights going. The kids (and I) spent every elevator ride dancing and singing along. Something so simple became one of the highlights of our stay.

Breakfast (which is included for everyone staying at the hotel) is held every morning at Bricks Family Restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel. You need to choose an allotted time to have breakfast at and even then you may need to wait 10-15 mins to be seated. But don’t worry, there is another Lego brick pit just outside the restaurant to keep everyone entertained while you wait. Breakfast is a buffet, and honestly I have never seen a breakfast buffet this big before. There is pretty much every breakfast food option you can think of! Of course the kids still couldn’t find something they liked, but I was in food heaven. We definitely needed the fuel for our fun-filled days inside Legoland

We didn’t end up dining at any of the other onsite restaurants that are open for lunch and dinner, as there is a small shopping mall right next door the hotel with a few food options (including Burger King and KFC) which are a lot cheaper.

Other features of the hotel included a swimming pool (which had giant floating lego bricks), an onsite lego store, and an activity area which had daily activities we could participate in.

Legoland Themepark

If you’re staying at the Legoland Hotel, the theme park is just outside and is literally a 2 minute walk. If you have a multi 2- day pass you can exit and enter the park as much as you like over the 2 days, which can come in handy if your kids still have a daytime nap  and you want to head back to the hotel.

We headed to Legoland at opening time and despite there being a very large group event happening, we didn’t have to wait in line and entered straight away. Legoland is separated into several different “lands” within the park. There is Lego Technic, Lego Kingdoms, Imagination, Land of adventure, Lego City and Miniland. There is something suitable for all age ranges.

Right in the middle of Legoland is Miniland, where there are Lego creations of lots of famous Asian landmarks. There are over 30 million lego bricks that make up miniland and it took something like 3000 hours to build.

From the Legoland entrance we went in an anti-clockwise direction, which meant we started at the younger kids rides first and finished the day at the bigger rides. It seemed like everyone else had the same idea, and for the first half of the day we had to wait in fairly long lines to go on any of the rides. By the afternoon though, the crowds had either dispersed or had gone home and we then didn’t have any wait times for the rides.

In the 1 day at Legoland we pretty much did every ride (despite the slow start) and a few of the better rides we did multiple times. We did skip doing a lot of the Lego building challenges and the shows, but with the amount of Lego available at the hotel, we didn’t feel like we were missing out.

 I won’t go through every single ride we went on, as it will take forever and I want to leave some element of surprise if you do decide to visit. Some of our favourites were:

●      Ninjago The Ride: This is a 4D ride where you sit in a moving car and karate chop the enemies on the screen. This was one of the few rides the whole family could enjoy and we didn’t have to wait in line at all. We did this ride about 4 times in a row! My arms sure had had a workout by the end.

      The Dragon: This is the largest roller coaster at Legoland and was the kids favourite (little thrillseekers!). The kingdom theming before getting on the ride was impressive and the roller coaster was lots of fun. For this ride we did lie about our 5 year olds age, because the minimum age is 6 (she did  meet the height requirements though!).

●      Dino Island - My eldest loved this ride - me not so much. The log boat ride takes you around a few dinosaur statues made out of Lego and then up to the top of a volcano, which then sends you back down with a giant splash. We got completely soaked!

●      Lost Kingdom Adventure - This was another ride that the whole family could enjoy. A desert off-roader takes you around the ancient temple and with laser guns you shoot objects and try to score points.

There are a few playgrounds interspersed between between the rides, which were a nice way to burn off energy between waiting in line.

Our original plan was to get lunch from the mall outside Legoland, but once we were ready for lunch we didn’t feel like going all the way back to the entrance. There’s a variety of food options scattered throughout the park, all pretty reasonably priced.


The kids really enjoyed Legoland and had a great time. Even though it’s not that old, it seemed a bit run down and doesn’t compare to Universal Studios. The age appropriateness also seems quite niche with the majority of rides being for older than 4, but there aren’t the thrill seeker rides to suit older kids and adults. I’d recommend Legoland for the ages 4 to 10. In saying that, I’m glad we made the trip and experienced Legoland firsthand. The awesomeness of the hotel alone was worth it!

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How To Get There:

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Candice 24th December 2018

Candice Kocken - Kids Around Perth South of the River, Hills & Events Reporter / Mum of 3 kids.
Candice is a Mum of 3 who loves cooking, sewing and taking her kids out to explore our beautiful state of WA. Follow Candice and her adventures @uncannymum on Instagram.

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