Macaulay Park - A different playground experience!

*Barbeques *Toilets *Shade *Drink Fountain

If your looking for a different playground experience for the kids then Macaulay Park is the go. The play equipment at this playground will challenge your kids imagination and balance skills as they work out how to play on it.

The playground is split into two distinct areas, the one above is great for the bigger kids, and right next to it is a great little toddler playground with sand underneath. The smaller playground is great or ages 1+, with a small rock climbing wall and great sand play features

There's lots of grassed area to kick the ball, however the toilets are located a short walk away from the playground. There are a couple of barbeques and lots of shade so its a great place to catch up with family and friends or hold a kids birthday party.

We thoroughly loved this playground and my oldest son often asks if we can go back.

Safety Considerations - for some reason one of the barbeques is lower than the other. It sits around adult waist height, so ensure young children are kept away from the barbeques to ensure they don't reach up and touch.

How to Get There - Macaulay Park is located on the corner of Dundas Rd & Hamer Pde Inglewood

Posted by Lauren, 29th July 2012 in Playgrounds 

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