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McDonalds Ellenbrook

Large Play Place * Kids Library * Create Your Taste * McCafe * Birthday Parties * Baby Change Table * Open 24 hours

McDonalds Ellenbrook was renovated and reopened in late 2016 as the largest McDonalds Play Place in Australia.

The big rocket ship is pretty popular with the kids. Unfortunately it was closed on our visit due to the rain - it is closed whenever it's raining as it is exposed to the outside and therefore gets wet and slippery. There was still lots of fun to be had on the tall play structure and long winding slides back down to the bottom.

The access to the main play structure is from inside and this is all enclosed and features a range of tunnels with different play features to enjoy. There is also a little slide at the bottom for the little ones who maybe too young to climb to the top.

Plenty of seating is located around the base of the Play Place, we are loving the Ronald McDonald shoes at the base of the seats.

Outside the Play Place room there is a little reading area with lots of books in the library to choose from. his is good for a bit of down time. It's sectioned off from the restaurant and has some seats so you can sit down and read together.

McDonalds Ellenbrook also features a McCafe, Create Your Taste Option, free WiFi, charging stations throughout the restaurant and is open 24 hours, making it a great place to catch up with friends for a coffee or to take the kids for a treat and a play.

How To Get There:

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 4th February 2017

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