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Meet A Mermaid Perth

Do you want to meet a Mermaid Perth? There aren't too many places you can meet a mermaid, but if you are lucky you can get to meet Mermaid Amelia and Mermaid Jessica Pearl at one of Perth's beautiful family friendly beaches.

Mermaid Amelia and Mermaid Jessica Pearl is a resident of the Perth ocean and often comes up for some air to say hello to all the mermaid fans of Perth.  And she is all mermaid with her beautiful aqua coloured tail complete with a shell bra and flowing blonde hair - see is enough to mesmerise any little lover of mermaids. 

Mermaid Amelia recently greeted the children at Hillarys Boat Harbour beach Perth.  She came to the shore to say hello then swam out to the pontoon, and flipped her tail along the way.  Some lucky little budding mermaids got to swim with her back and forth the the pontoon.

We recommend that you arrive just on the time of appearance and not to early before, to keep the illusion alive, as they obviously needs to get into costume and enter the water before their appearance.

Mermaid Amelia at Hillarys Boat Harbour

You can find out which Perth beach Mermaid Amelia will next surface at by joining the Mermaid Amelia facebook and Mermaid Jessica Pearl facebook and following Kids Around Perth on facebook too!

Remember they are real mermaids though so they can only surface and breathe air for an hour or so - and then she must return to her underwater home.

So far they have been seen at Yanchep Lagoon, Burns Beach, Hillarys Boat Harbour & Cottesloe - go to their facebook pages to request your favourite Perth beach location.

Mermaid Amelia & Jessica Pearl is very popular with all the young mermaid fans, so if you do see her please be courteous, say hello then stand back and let others do the same! 

Posted by Lauren, 29th January 2013

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Have you met Mermaid Amelia?

Which beach did you see her at?

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