Metricup Bird Park Margaret River

Posted by Lauren, 9th October 2012 in Margaret River

Metricup Bird Park is a wonderful place to take the kids, on that next Perth getaway down to Margaret River.

We are frequent visitors to Margaret River, and our sons love to visit here every time we go, so we are regular visitors of this lovely park.

The Metricup Bird Park offer bird handling and feeding in the foyer. This in itself is a fantastic experience for the little ones. They get right up close and personal with some fantastic birds - and the park owners can tell you all about the different birds and their unique personalities. There is also full disabled access.

Following this you can also go inside the park and see a large variety of birds. Your entry includes a bucket of food and you can enter some of the averies and feed the birds. In some of the averies the birds are quite friendly and will land on you - our kids just loved this! But don't worry the guides show you how to safely get the birds off if you don't want them to fly on you - or you can stay outside the avery if you prefer just to watch! You'll be so amazed at the different bird types you see here.

Whether you are a bird person or not, this place is definately worth a visit, especially for the little one's - they will love it!

Age Recommendation

Kids of all ages will love the Metricup Bird Park. The birds are all very friendly and the guides will show you how to indicate to the birds if you do not want them to land on you. Inside the park in the averies may be a little too much for littler ones however they will still enjoy watching and feeding the birds from outside the cages.

Admission: $10 for adults $7 for school age kids, $8 for seniors, family pass $32, groups of 10 or more $7 each.

Safety Considerations
The only consideration would be as above to closely supervise children as there are some large birds with very strong beaks (don't worry these ones remain on the tree perch!) and ensure you ask the guide how to safely remove birds from you or to signal them not to land on you if you are uncomfortable. We have been here many a time and never had any issues, the birds are very friendly and the guides are very helpful and are right by to make sure you are comfortable with the birds.

How To Get There
If you are driving out of Margaret River towards Busselton on the Bussell Hwy it's a left turn onto Metricup Road about 10mins out of town. See the map - Metricup Bird Park Map

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