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Ideas & Tips To Save You Money

Save Money on Family Outings

Here are some money saving ideas to help you save money while you are out and about with the kids!  We all know that after you pay catch public transport, pay the entry fee, buy a drink and something to eat - there isn't much change from $100 if you're lucky!

Saving money can be easy, in some cases it may take a bit of planning but the pay off is worth it.  Here are some money saving ideas and tips that may help save you some dollars!

  • Take your own snacks along | buy prepackaged snacks - they may be more expensive in the supermarket but are still cheaper than buying while out and about), these are convenient however  if you want to be able to quickly grab something from the cupboard for that impromtu trip to the park
  • Take your own snacks along | make your own snack packs - Buy snacks in bulk and buy small resealable snack bags and make up snack packs - that way you can mix and match your snacks - my kids love these!  To save more keep your snack bags, give them a rinse and re-use or buy cloth reusable snack bags
  • Ask about discounted late entry - some attractions offer discount entry fee for late entry - this is particularly handy if you have young children who have an afternoon sleep, you can head out after their sleep and save on entry.  Check their website or call and ask - you never know they might make a special exception for you on a quiet day.

  • Kids can share a meal - ask to look at the size of the kids meals, if they are quite large then just buy one for two children to share.  You could buy a small side of salad or chips if you think they might need a bit more to eat.  How often do your kids not eat their whole meal while you are out?!  Also research restaurants and cafes that have a kids eat free options
  • Buy one adults meal for two kids - if you need a larger meal, you may consider buying one adults meal to share between two children, this may give you some healthier options also - just ask for two plates
  • For treats order the next size up and ask for it in two containers - rather than order two kids size, ice creams, chips, milkshakes etc - it might be cheaper to buy the larger size and ask for it to be split and put into two containers 
  • Take along your own drinks - refill pop top containers with water or healthy juice or take along your own drink containers.  Don't want to take a cooler to keep them cold? No problem just store lots of containers in the freezer half or fully filled with water or healthy juice - so they are nice and cold when you need them during your outing.
  • Get a Family Ticket for public transport - at certain times of the day and in the school holidays, families can travel all day on public transport in Perth for only $11 (for 2 adults and up to 5 children)
  • Research! - check the website before you go for specials that may be held on different days, research discount voucher books and deal websites. You may be able to plan your visits on different days or at different times to save some money on the cost of entry, meals etc.

If you have any other money saving tips or ideas - please feel free to share them below! 

We make every effort to ensure all this information is up to date but should be used as a guide only. Events do get cancelled or changed and venues can close without notice. Always follow the links provided for up to date information on an event or activity. If you know of a change or cancellation then please contact us to let us know.