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Mount Henry Bridge Reserve Mount Pleasant

Mount Henry Bridge Reserve Mount Pleasant Features: Playground * Exercise Stations * Bottle Filling Station * Toilets * Walk / Cycle Way * Recommended for 3yrs +

The Mount Henry Bridge Reserve Mount Pleasant is located right underneath the Mt Henry Bridge and features 6 exercise stations right alongside a great little playground.

This is the perfect little park if you want to fit in a work out while the kids play.  The playground is partly located under natural shade, and is well fenced off from the road.

The playground is probably most suited to kids who can play independently, with flying fox and more challenging access to the playground, it's not really suited to toddlers, although there are swings a sea-saw that they would enjoy too.

There are toilets right near the playground and a bottle filling station - so you have everything you need to stay  for a play and a work out for an hour or two! 

The playground is perfect to keep bigger kids, who can play independently entertained, while you workout using the six exercise stations.  It's a bit noisy  under the bridge, but that is soon forgotten as you look out over the beautiful Swan River and watch your children having fun and getting some fresh air while you burn those calories.

There is also a walk / cycle way that extends back to Deep Water Point, so this is a nice spot to park the car, get out the bikes, ride up to Deep Water Point Cafe, have lunch and come back again. This walk or ride is 1.6km so it's perfect for a family ride or a walk with the pram with friends. 

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 2nd April, 2015

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