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Mundaring Weir

Tourist Attraction * Toilets * BBQs * Picnic Tables * Walk Trail * Mundaring Weir Hotel Nearby * Open Daily * Weir Gates Close 6pm (5pm May-Sept) * No 1 Pump Station Tours (Wed-Sun / Closed February) * 39kms from Perth

We visited Mundaring Weir on a warm summer's day and enjoyed a ~1 hour round walk across the top of the weir, down to the bottom of the weir and back up via a beautiful little picnic spot half way up the hill to enjoy a cool drink of water, before the last steep trek back to the carpark.

A visit to Mundaring Weir is a fantastic experience with lots of historical, natural and education attractions. As we approached we explained to the kids they were about to see where our water comes from with Mr 6 telling us that he already knows where water comes from - the tap of course! There was a little bit of complaining on the way when we told the kids we were going on a walk, but when they saw the weir they were scrambling to get out of the car to check it out. We started on the south side of the Mundaring Weir as we had come from Kalamunda Water Park.


There is lots of information around the weir with historical facts and signs pointing out historical and other features of the area. The Mundaring Weir was built in the late 1890's and work was conducted to raise the weir wall in the in the 1940's and completed in 1951. The weir overflowed in 1996 and It's not expected that the weir will overflow ever again.

The gates for the entry points to the Mundaring Weir are closed at 6pm each day (5pm May to September). It may also be closed where there is a bushfire risk. It's very safe to walk along the top of the weir (which is just over 300m long), it's sturdy and well barricaded on each side. There is a building in the middle with a wider area to take some time to look around and enjoy the incredible view. From here you can head back to the carpark or head up to O'Connor Lake Lookout on the northside access. 

We continued our round walk down to the bottom of the weir on the Helena River side. The walk down is well paved and has lots of steps that take you down gradually. This walk takes you past the No1 Pump Station and Construction Camp Hub (which is where the nice picnic area is located) via Spillway Bridge. 

The No 1 Pump Station no longer operates with the new pump station opened in March 2014 (located just next to the No1 Pump Station), as the No 1 Pump Station was no longer able to keep up with capacity and maintain water quality to current guidelines.  You can enter the No 1 Pump Station for tours and activities Wednesday - Sundays & Public Holidays between 12-4pm according to the sign at the front (except February when it closed all month). Entry is $5 for adults, $3 for kids or $12 for families. You can find more information about the No 1 Pump Station here.

Across the Spillway Bridge and here is a lovely little picnic area with lots of historical pieces and information about what they are and their significance.  You can find a couple of picnic shelters, bbqs, a water fountain and toilets and a great view looking up to the top of the weir.  This area used to be the Construction Camp Hub. There is a road that brings you right down to the picnic area car park if you don't want to or aren't able to take the trek down from the top of the Mundaring Weir.  This carpark also gives you good access to the Spillway Bridge that takes you to the No 1 Pump Station if you want to enjoy a tour without the long trek to get there.

The walk from the Construction Camp Hub picnic area back to the carpark is a pretty steep one, but it's not too long. The whole round walk probably took us just under an hour with a 10 min stop at the picnic area. The kids thoroughly enjoyed this walk. The views from the top of the weir are breathe taking and the walk down past the No 1 Pump station and through the Construction Camp Hub picnic area was very educational and a great way to get the kids out for some fresh air and activity. Make sure you bring a few bottles of water along with you. You can top them up at the Construction Camp Hub picnic area before you trek back to the carpark. If you want to stay for something to eat, the Mundaring Weir Hotel is not far from the north access to the Mundaring Weir and is open daily.

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 21st February 2017.

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